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Privilege of Driving the Family Vehicles Should Be Earned By Demonstrating

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Teenage Driving Privilege

Every generation faces its own unique challenges when it comes to family safety, but many argue that in today’s technology-driven era that it is more difficult for parents to maintain a consistent pulse on the actions and behaviors of their kids. For example, simply take a moment to look at teen driving today and see how it is so much different than 10, 20, or 50 years ago. Teenagers today are bombarded with distractions whether it be radios, billboards, iPods, cell phones, or a number of other factors. Unfortunately, the data has never changed when it showed decades ago that teen drivers were the group of motorists most likely to be involved in some form of traffic citation or accident. The reality is that technology, although a positive in many aspects of life, can distract teen drivers and put them at higher risk of danger. However, the caveat is that even though the technology is creating additional hurdles for some teen drivers it is also providing parents an opportunity to better observe how their teenage sons and daughters are really driving while alone, with friends, at night, or in any other scenario. The technology is GPS tracking and this resource is providing teens an opportunity to demonstrate they are safe drivers.

GPS Tracking Systems Validate Teen Driving

Most people are familiar with GPS devices such as Google Maps that can offer directional information or OnStar services that can be helpful in a car accident to alert authorities for help, but when it comes to teen driving safety the tool parents are calling upon is the GPS tracking system. GPS trackers are highly useful devices for parents who want to know how fast their teen is driving, what places their teen is going to, and how long their teen staying at each location they visit. GPS tracking systems also offer a number of other features that promote safety teenage driving safety that include:

  • Fast Driving Alerts
  • Safe Zone Boundary Alerts
  • Live Locational Updates
  • Lifetime Access To Historical Routes

Learning to drive can be a great experience for both parents and teens as the teen learns the rules of the road. However, when you being driving you are not skilled, regardless if you have completed an approved drivers’ education course or drivers’ education programs. Safe driving requires time, patience, and practice in order for positive driving habits to be established for a lifetime.

Is Driving A Privilege Or A Right?

Having a provisional license, valid driver’s license, or graduated driver licensing GDL does not mean you are free to do what you want in a motor vehicle. That means if you are ticketed multiple times for driving over the speed limit, drinking and driving, or engaged in distracted driving habits (looking at your cell phone) then you can and will lose your license! Driving is not a privilege because traffic crashes result in innocent people being involved in fatal accidents. Therefore, if you choose to frequently drive between midnight and 4:00 a.m., or consume alcohol or drug that will impair your ability to drive, know you are taking unnecessary risks. The types of risk that could result in moving violations or worse, a driver involved accident!

Real-Time GPS Tips For Parents of New Drivers

GPS devices such as SilverCloud GPS are now commonly used among parents seeking a real-time monitoring solution that will help them better manage and observe how their teens are driving. The best part is the technology allows parents to track a teenager without them knowing! How these tracking devices work is actually quite simple. The parent can either hard-wire the GPS tracker to the automobile the teen drives or simply hide the compact and self-contained system somewhere in the teen’s vehicle letting the GPS operate off its own internal battery pack. Once inside of the vehicle, the GPS tracker system will send out real-time updates as fast as 20 times per minute on where that vehicle is located! The perturbed parent can then view this GPS data using their mobile phone or any device with an Internet connection, as the locational data is displayed over a satellite imaging program such as Google Earth.

Technology, like many things in life, can be a double-edged sword. Although the increased use in mobile devices and other technological products has certainly resulted in more stimuli that can distract already high-risk teen drivers, other technology products such as GPS tracking systems are offering an avenue that allows parents to observe teen driving patterns better than ever before. The goal of GPS teen tracking systems is to save lives, and there is no doubt that better parental oversight provided by GPS trackers can certainly reduce those alarming teen driving stats.

Live GPS Tracking Device For Teenage Drivers

Teen GPS Tracker Featured In Airline Magazine

One thing every airplane passenger shares with other passengers is the fact that they will need to keep themselves occupied doing something during the flight. Although air travel connects the global landscape and allows people to travel at an incredibly fast pace, the process of flying is still rather boring. This is why many airline passengers will read books, or the in-flight SkyMall magazine to pass a little time. However, it is one particular product called a teen GPS tracking system that has created quite the buzz among concerned parents of teen drivers.

SilverCloud GPS Tracking System For Parents

The Skymall GPS vehicle tracking device that has airline passengers and catalog shoppers intrigued is a teen driving safety product called SilverCloud GPS. What makes the device different from other trackers on the market is that this one can be used for a variety of other applications outside of the more common business GPS fleet management that most people associate monitoring technology with. SilverCloud GPS trackers are the very first universal monitoring devices strong enough for businesses, sophisticated enough to assist businesses, and user-friendly enough for consumers such as parents looking to manage teen driving.

“SkyMall has always brought unique and interesting products through their quarterly catalog to the masses traveling in airliners”, explained a business GPS tracking specialist for Tracking System Direct. “Obviously, Tracking System Direct was immediately on board with the SilverCloud GPS after it was released by LandAirSea due to the superior design of the product, and simple functionality of operation. SkyMall clearly agrees with us that this product is so unique and special that it should be promoted and showcased to consumers throughout the globe.”

GPS tracking devices allow parents to know teens are driving safely, giving them the privilege of driving the family vehicles by earning it through demonstration.