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Electric Box Hidden Camera


  Xtreme Life Electric Box HD DVR – SC7009HD Sometimes, the best way to protect your family or business is

Hidden Camera Rock


Xtreme Life 720P Landscape Stone DVR – SC7000HD Deciding where to place a camera can be tough, especially if you

Infrared Smoke Detector Camera


One of the most covert and undetectable hidden cameras on the market, the Home Smoke Detector Camera is absolutely perfect

Mini Cam


Smallest Hidden Camera

Smallest Hidden Camera

Motion Sensor Hidden Camera


Finding a powerful security camera that works effectively indoors as well as outdoors can often times be difficult. Thankfully, the

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera


Xtreme Life 720P Night Vision Smoke Detector – SC7200HD The best place for a covert camera is to be hidden

Teddy Bear Hidden Camera


Motion Activated Teddy Bear Hidden Spy Cam

Motion Activated Teddy Bear Hidden Spy Cam