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Bluetooth Speaker DVR


Zone Shield HD Bluetooth Speaker DVR – SC9525HD Do you want to keep surveillance of your home or office while you’re away

Clock DVR


The Clock DVR is one of the most covert and dynamic video surveillance units available on the market. Engineered and designed as

Electric Box Hidden Camera

$599.00 $499.00

  Xtreme Life Electric Box HD DVR – SC7009HD Sometimes, the best way to protect your family or business is

Hat Camera


Whether you are sports enthusiast, person looking to keep the sun off your head or simply an individual who feels

Hidden Camera Rock

$649.00 $549.00

Xtreme Life 720P Landscape Stone DVR – SC7000HD Deciding where to place a camera can be tough, especially if you

Infrared Smoke Detector Camera


One of the most covert and undetectable hidden cameras on the market, the Home Smoke Detector Camera is absolutely perfect

Keychain DVR Pro


Hidden DVR technology has once again hit a new level of covertness as the Keychain DVR Pro gives any user

Motion Sensor Hidden Camera

$299.00 $199.00

Finding a powerful security camera that works effectively indoors as well as outdoors can often times be difficult. Thankfully, the

Night Vision Clock Radio DVR


Zone Shield Night Vision Clock Radio DVR: SC8000 Have you ever wondered if your roommate has been rummaging through your

Remote Access Hidden Clock Camera

$529.00 $429.00

Zone Shield Night Vision Clock Radio QUAD – C1521 Have you ever wondered if your roommate has been rummaging through

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

$499.00 $399.00

Xtreme Life 720P Night Vision Smoke Detector – SC7200HD The best place for a covert camera is to be hidden

Stuffed Animal Hidden Camera


Stuffed Animal Hidden Camera Tech & Specs Info: 20 Hours Of Continuous Record Time (One Year on Standby Mode) Video

Tie Camera


The perfect monitoring system for businessmen or those who travel, the Tie Camera is a discreet video recording solution that

Wall Clock Camera

$499.00 $399.00

Many people place wall clocks in their homes either for functional or décor purposes, but now the latest in covert hidden