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Law Enforcement GPS Tracker 

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

  • Conduct Surveillance Operations
  • Attach Live GPS Tracker Under A Car
  • Secretly Track A Suspect Remotely From Your Cell Phone
Real time GPS trackers make it easy to locate where any vehicle or asset is located 24/7, helping your police department or government agency get the facts! Discover where criminals are going and who they are associating with, protect valuable assets from theft like air conditioners on construction sites, and secure any concrete evidence to provide crimes occurred. There is no better way for law enforcement to conduct detailed surveillance operations than with live GPS tracking devices. 

Military GPS User Equipment 

Live GPS Tracking

Government Agencies Use GPS Technology

As a law enforcement agent, you are constantly on the lookout for new, efficient monitoring tools. Now, GPS locators have emerged as a reliable and sophisticated solution to this ongoing need. Why? Because with your extensive background and specialized training in criminal investigations, you are well-equipped to utilize these innovative surveillance tools.

GPS tracking solutions offer a valuable means to swiftly collect essential driving-related data. Imagine having immediate access to information about addresses visited, speeds driven, departure points, and stops made. This kind of data can be a game-changer in any investigation.

Yet, the true value of GPS vehicle tracking devices lies in their capacity to reduce risk. No longer does surveillance entail potential harm to an officer. Simply attach a GPS device, equipped with a strong magnet, under a suspect’s vehicle, and you’ve got a safe, remote surveillance solution. In fact, you can track the suspect’s vehicle movements from a safe distance, increasing your safety.

Agencies and private investigators alike have found vehicle tracking systems to be invaluable in gathering evidence against a range of criminal actors, including arsonists, burglars, car thieves, drug traffickers, murderers, terrorists, and more. In fact, real-time GPS systems have become indispensable tools across various branches of law enforcement such as:

  • United States Border Patrol
  • Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI)
  • Local, County & State Police Departments
  • Bureau Of Land Management (BLM)
  • Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF)
  • Dept. Of Homeland Security
  • United States Forest Service
  • The United States Marine Corps
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
  • United States Department Of Justice

Law enforcement and government agencies are able to conduct extensive investigations at a low cost with the help of GPS tracking technology. GPS vehicle trackers give law enforcement the ability to monitor potential criminals 24 hours a day without having to send an officer out into the field. This is essential because of the consistent cutbacks many agencies face every year, and especially now in a global economic crisis. GPS tracking systems allow law enforcement to work on a tight budget and still effectively and efficiently fight crime!

Fun Fact: Police will often use a GPS tag asset tracker on a bait car to catch car thieves! 

5 Best Law Enforcement GPS Tracking Devices

There are a number of different surveillance solutions on the market for government agencies to choose from, but what law enforcement GPS tracking systems are the best? According to security experts, the top 5 law enforcement GPS tracking devices are as follow:

  1. SpaceHawk GPS: the best GPS tracking for law enforcement devices that can easily be hidden on any suspect’s vehicle. 
  2. Lightning GPS: an asset tracking device that can be used for fleet management to increase response times and coordinate officer resources.
  3. GPS Tracking Key: a cost-effective, simple, and no monthly fee asset tracking device.
  4. iTrail Solo: a personal GPS tracker that is ideal for government authorities traveling overseas who need an SOS button. 
  5. Starchase LLC GPS: a police GPS tracking device designed to end high-speed pursuits

Law Enforcement Covert GPS Tracking

One of the most important features of any law enforcement GPS tracker is that it must be covert with military GPS accuracy. That is why the best law enforcement GPS tracking systems are engineered to be small, portable, waterproof, and most importantly, have a surface magnetic mount for easy covert placement. This allows a government agency to quickly and easily attach a tracker to the outside of any vehicle they want to monitor. The practice of placing a hidden law enforcement GPS tracker on a vehicle has resulted in the conviction of people committing crimes such as arson, kidnapping, and murder. 

Hidden GPS Tracking Device

Law Enforcement Vehicles – How GPS Tracking Helps Manage Patrol Cars

Vehicle-mounted fleet tracking solutions can be hard-wired to police vehicles and allow a command center to know where every officer’s patrol car is located. Knowing the location of police vehicles is critical in a number of situations such as a high-speed pursuit or when a suspect might be armed and dangerous. Live GPS tracking makes it easy to know where patrol cars are at, how far they are from a crime scene, and how quickly those patrol vehicles can be routed to the situation. Not only does this increase response times, but protects officers. 

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