Prosecuting Bystanders

Should Cowards Go To Jail?

Bystanders Watch Man Beat Toddler To Death

This GPS tracking expert has always held a generally optimistic view that most people are good, and when they are put into situations where they are forced to choose between doing the right thing or the wrong thing they will ultimately choose the path of doing what is right. Since doing the right thing and being kind to others is a philosophy I make an effort to practice on a daily basis, it is easy to understand why the above video clip would make a person like myself absolutely sick. Here is a short recap of the above news video clip that was released by the Associated Press.

Bystanders near a rural California road near Modesto were horrified when they saw a man beating, punching and stomping a toddler. The man, who was uttering words about “demons” being inside the toddler, was relentlessly attacking the defenseless child while onlookers did nothing more then call police. Since it would take an extended period of time for ground units to arrive at the scene, a police helicopter made the decision to land in a nearby cow pastor (a landing that put the officer’s in harm’s way) in an effort to end the situation as quickly as possible. The officer who first arrived was met with a gruesome scene, and forced to shoot the man beating the child to subdue him.

The badly beaten child was taken to a local hospital for treatment, but sadly died from the injuries sustained from the beating. The child was beaten so bad that DNA and tooth samples will likely be required to identify the child.

Authorities were still trying to uncover whether the man was the child’s father, relative or simply a stranger.

The Weak Do Nothing And Everyone Suffers

This story is one of the very few news stories that literally made this vehicle tracking expert feel ill and angry. However, it is not the senseless attacking of a toddler that has my blood boiling (an act that in its own merit is vile and disgusting), but rather the actions, or lack thereof, of the bystanders who did little more than contact police then watch the incident unfold. How can anybody stand by and watch an attack like this and not intervene? How can one of the motorists who pulled over not grab a tire iron from the trunk of their vehicle and bash it over the man’s head? And most importantly, why is there not some form of legislation that punishes these cowards? Anybody who can watch a toddler get viciously stomped and attacked does not have a shred of decency in their body.

I suppose some people can go through their entire life and never stand up for a single thing, even when the true face of evil is standing in front of them beating a helpless toddler.

Would You have stepped in and helped the child?

Do you think that since this country has became so sue happy that people are more afraid to intervene when they witenss bad things happen?

Source: AP