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Protesters Could Use GPS Tracking

Middle East Protests Spark GPS Tracking Interest

Real-Time Tracking Could Help Protesters Organize

Many people in the western world have been watching closely as protests seeking political change have swept over the entire Middle East and Northern African region. In an area of the world where dictators continue to rule with an iron fist, suppressing many democratic and personal freedoms, people began to rise up and demand change from their governments. Although it took some time for the people of Tunisia and Egypt to be heard by the ruling regimes, the citizens who demanded change were eventually able to have their voices heard, as Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak were forced to step down from power. Both of the revolutions were impressive displays of strength by the people who felt suppressed for decades, especially considering the governments shut down access to news agencies and social networking avenues to decrease the protesters’ ability to organize more effectively. Taking notice of the events that occurred in both Egypt and Tunisia, some protest groups could begin to utilize real-time GPS tracking systems to organize people looking to create political change.

Operation Turn The Lights Off

Currently, there are mass protests occurring in Iran, Yemen, Djibouti, Bahrain, and Libya where the people are looking for regime changes to improve both economic conditions and personal freedoms. However, many of these countries are making moves similar to the moves the Egyptian government made in an attempt to cool off and disorganize protesters. These things include disabling access to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter while censoring the information available from news agencies, but personal tracking systems typically reserved for applications related to teen tracking and elderly tracking are providing an alternative option for protesters to better organize.

GPS Tracking Helping Protesters Stay Connected

When governments begin to feel overwhelmed by civil unrest they will often try to turn the lights off, removing many personal communication options and access to world news. Without being able to use social networking outlets or being able to view news events, many protesters have to seek alternative options to help organize and communicate with other protesting groups to ensure maximum efforts. GPS tracking technology is offering that option.

GPS tracking systems are more than sophisticated surveillance tools, they provide users an efficient method of networking and monitoring. By equipping certain protesters, organizers, or leaders with real-time GPS monitoring devices such as the SilverCloud, the people can better manage protesting groups to promote safety and effectiveness. The personal tracking data can be accessed via a computer, offering remote monitoring capabilities. This GPS tracking system data can be utilized for a variety of applications that can be helpful for people seeking justice in a country or region where brutal regimes and political systems are in control.

Source: LA Times