Protests In Russia


Russian People Call For Putin Resignation

Decrease In Living Standards Has People In Rage

PutinVladimir Putin has been the face of Russia ever since his rise to power nearly a decade ago, and although he is no longer technically considered in control of the nation he is widely viewed as the puppet master. Some say he still has ties to the criminal underworld from the days when he worked with the KGB, but not until recently has his reign of power been so harshly criticized by the Russian people.

Today, the Russian people gathered all across the nation and voiced their opposition to Putin’s policies in what they called the “Day of Wrath”. The Russian protesters demonstrated and shouted for Putin’s resignation as the living standards in Russia continue to plummet while the nation becomes wealthier and wealthier from oil exportation.

According to a GPS tracking system editor working for Tracking System Direct, the mass protests shocked even the Kremlin, who did not anticipate any large gatherings.

A Russian poll showed that nearly a third of all Russian citizens were willing to protest against Putin and his United Russia party.

Many of the scheduled protests were banned by the Russian government.

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Do you believe Putin is to blame for the low standards of living among many of the Russian population?

Do you think that Putin is more of a bully than a politician?

Do you believe the Russian government uses vehicle tracking systems and other GPS tracking technology to spy on Russian citizens?

Source: Guardian