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Google_earth_mapWhen most people think of accessing GPS tracking system data they think of having to open up a program on their computer that was downloaded from some software, or going to an online web-based application where they enter in a username and password. Although these are both secure forms of accessing individual data from a GPS monitoring system, there are many numerous applications where data needs to be easily accessible by the masses and general public. Public tracking technology will offer the solution for those in need of a universal monitoring tool that can be accessed by anyone, and the SilverCloud system will play an intricate part in the process.

Imagine you are waiting for an airport shuttle to pick you up, taxi cab driver to take you and some friends out for a Saturday night or school bus to arrive and pick up your children for school. Now imagine if you could go online and have direct access to anywhere one of these vehicles were located, helping you to determine an exact time of arrival or departure. That is what public tracking is, and SilverCloud real-time monitoring is going to revolutionize the process so that public transportation, delivery and service vehicles can all be accessed with simplicity.

In the next 5 years, people will be able to go online to a school or company website, and right on the homepage a live interactive map will be available. Parents will have the identification number of the school bus that picks up their child, consumers will have the vehicle ID number of the pizza delivery vehicle en route with the a pepperoni pizza and travelers will be able to quickly locate where the exact position of a taxi cab through public tracking technology. All of the live tracking data that is transmitted from SilverCloud GPS units , which are created by LandAirSea, will be accessible and open to the public where it can be viewed at anytime through an online interface. There will be no more wondering when a shuttle will arrive or where a bus is at if it is running a little late.

Family members will also be able to see the exact moment a child is dropped off from a bus, when a loved one who is traveling left the airport and more.

Public tracking, brought to the world through SilverCloud mapping and GPS tracking systems, will be revolutionary in the way we all access data and locate vehicles.