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One of the best parts about servicing businesses and consumers from all across the globe is meeting new people from different cultures and regions. Tracking System Direct has had the pleasure and opportunity to assist people in Canada, Lithuania, Australia, England, and a variety of other countries with their GPS car tracking and fleet management needs. Recently, a customer based in Puerto Rico found the Tracking System Direct corporate website and inquired about one of our most popular security products, the GPS Tracking Key. Tracking System Direct does everything possible to inform online shoppers of what a GPS personal tracking solution can and cannot do. This is why so much attention to detail is placed on every product description, and often times videos are used to help relay the information to our online audience. However, sometimes people would like assurance before they invest in a GPS monitoring solution that the device will successfully function properly in their country of residence. Here are a few of the questions Presented from our new friend in Puerto Rico, and our vehicle management specialist’s responses.

Questions From Puerto Rico

I am in need of information about a particular product. I’m interested in the GPS Tracking Key, but I have some questions about this product.

1. I live in Puerto Rico and I need to know if this surveillance product is compatible here?

GPS Tracking Key will work in Puerto Rico. Keep in mind the GPS Tracking Key is a GPS data logger so you will need to retrieve the unit from your vehicle and download the data to view historical driving records. The SilverCloud GPS is our real-time solution, and it also works in Puerto Rico

2. I also need to know what exactly the product includes with a purchase?

When you purchase the GPS Tracking Key it includes the hardware, software, and USB download cable. The purchaser will have everything they need to begin acquiring GPS data! All the user needs to have is a computer available to display the positional data.

3. Please also advise the procedures to download the data into the computer for example if needs a CD to install? Or what type of program? Is the download process simple to conduct?

Once you have the recorded data stored on the device you will need to download the Past-Track Software to a computer to view the data. Currently, Past-Track Software is only compatible with PC operating systems. The included USB download cable will then connect to the GPS Tracking Key and your USB port of your PC for data exchange where the GPS data will be displayed over Google Earth, or one of the other reporting features. At this time our passive line of products, including the standard GPS Tracking Key, only work with PC-based computer systems. SilverCloud GPS tracker, our live monitoring solution, is a totally web-based platform that allows users to access data with Mac operating systems. Downloading GPS data is a simple process that is both fast and easy, but for those who feel they have little technical skills, Tracking System Direct extends FREE technical support on every product sold!

4. Please also let me know is this product specifies the exact address that the car was?

Addresses, where a vehicle arrived and departed, are shown and displayed over whichever mapping feature you select. Information regarding speed, time en route, and other driving activity details are also offered.