Radio Practical Joke Goes VERY BAD!

Cheating Wife Comes Clean In Rant Of Anger

Most people enjoy a good practical joke, but sometimes a joke can go way too far and result in very negative consequences. That is exactly what happened when a man working at a radio station decided to have some fun with his wife on her birthday by playing what seemed to be an innocent practical joke on his birthday girl. Unfortunately, the joke backfired on the man in the worst way possible.

The Practical Joke

The plan for the practical joke was to have the on-air radio personalities contact their fellow employees’ wife and tell her that her husband had lost his job at the radio station. When the wife would become undoubtedly upset over the news and inquire why her husband, who was so loyal to the radio station, was fired, she would then be told that her husband was caught having sex with the secretary in his office. This shocking news would then be the catalyst to essentially make the woman go crazy and rant about how much of a loser her husband was on the air to all of the radio listeners. Before things got to out of hand, the radio personalities would then inform the wife that the whole thing was one giant birthday joke, which they would then all laugh about.

How could such a solid blueprint for comedy turn out bad?

When the practical joke began to come to fruition, the wife first showed signs of concern that her husband was fired, stating that they just had a baby together, and that the timing could not possibly be worse. Once the on-air radio personalities revealed that the cause for her husband’s termination was because of his workplace conduct, having sex with a secretary while on the job, the wife exploded into anger. Although the cruel birthday practical joke was actually going exactly as the radio employees had hoped, things suddenly changed when the wife revealed that news of her husband’s infidelity was actually somewhat of a relief because now she no longer felt bad about sleeping with his brother. Ouch!

The on-air radio personalities then revealed that the whole thing was one giant joke, but it was much too late as the secret of the wife’s infidelity had already been exposed to the whole world. Happy birthday!

GPS Tracker Technology Exposes Infidelity

Sadly, the radio employee had to be embarrassed while on the air that his wife was a cheater, but even worse is the fact that he had already began building a life with the woman. If the husband had turned to vehicle tracking technology the moment he suspected his wife may have been cheating he could have saved himself a whole lot of heartbreak and public humiliation. This is because the GPS data used from tracking devices can be used to identify whether a spouse is cheating by recording every stop a partner made, how long they were at each location and more.

If it makes the husband feel any better, the fleet tracking experts at Tracking System Direct thought the joke still turned out good!