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Real-Time GPS Bracelet For Seniors

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Senior GPS Bracelet Offers Family Security

earth-image-rpw2With baby boomers everywhere moving into the next chapter of their lives, senior care is a topic that has been receiving national attention consistently. Although the majority of conversations in the news have surrounded elderly health care and Medicare, a growing number of families are looking to gather more information related to senior safety for those battling Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative memory recall illness. When a senior citizen begins to show habitual patterns of wandering or getting lost, concerned family members will often turn to Senior GPS Bracelets as a personal tracking solution to ensure elderly family security.

What Are Real-Time GPS Bracelets?

Senior GPS bracelets are real-time monitoring devices that are fashioned as wristwatches, transmitting the live locational position of the elderly person they are equipped upon. The GPS data is then streamlined to a remote server where it can be accessed by multiple family members at any given time. This personal tracker is also engineered with both a panic button that will instantly send out a help alert, and shock feature that can detect if a senior takes a tumble. However, one of the most impressive features is the two-way communication option that will call a family member or caregiver at any given time. This particular feature is great for those elderly loved ones who may become lost or need assistance at any given time. Users are provided with 15 minutes of two-way voice communication per month and can pay $1 for each additional minute used per month if they need additional over air voice communication. The Senior GPS bracelet offered at Tracking System Direct includes service for an entire year with purchase of the tracker device for $699.00.

How Is The Data From The Senior GPS Bracelet Viewed?

Senior GPS Bracelets are real-time trackers that transmit data to a server where the information can then be viewed from any computer or mobile device with Internet. All GPS trackers require a monthly service plan, including elderly tracking systems. However, unlike vehicle management devices such as the SilverCloud GPS, the Senior GPS Bracelet has no activation fees whatsoever! The tracker device also has no termination fees or contracts of any kind!

Boundary Alerts

Senior GPS Bracelet technology provides families the ability to set what is called a geographical fence, or geo-fence. What this cool easy-to-use feature does is it allows families to create a virtual boundary using the satellite image program that when the boundary is breached the GPS tracking system will send out a alert to the emergency contact. This notification can alert family members the very second a elderly loved one begins to wander off or leaves a particular region.

Real-time GPS bracelets are another one of the ways that GPS monitoring technology is helping improve family safety and security. This technology is certainly no longer only built for fleet management!