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Real-Time GPS Busts Temecula Car Thief

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GPS Tracker Helps Police Make An Arrest In Temecula

Temecula is a small community of mostly middle-class people, but the city nestled between Orange County and San Diego County made news headlines recently over a local car thief. The reason is that the car thief made the mistake of taking an automobile from a person who was smart enough to equip his personal vehicle with a real-time GPS tracker. A live tracker that would provide the locational data that led both to the arrest of the thief, and the safe return of the automobile.

When Temecula law enforcement received a phone call around noon from a citizen stating their vehicle was stolen, they were ready to respond according to the procedure. However, things quickly changed when the caller explained to Temecula Police that he had equipped a GPS tracking system on his vehicle. After reviewing the data from the GPS tracker, police were able to pinpoint the stolen vehicle in an alleyway in Old Town.

Police who arrived on the scene on Front Street found the unoccupied stolen vehicle parked. This is when the police made the decision to wait in the area until the car thief came back so an arrest could be made. When the suspects entered the stolen vehicle and drive off, police followed closely until the suspects were pulled over and arrested in front of the local Circle K.

Temecula Police arrested a 27-year-old Lake Elsinore man, and his 24-year-old female passenger. The woman also had her 2-year-old child in the backseat when the arrest was made. Authorities stated that the woman was under the influence of some form of stimulant when she was arrested. Child Protective Services were notified, and the babies’ biological father took custody of the child.