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GPS Tracking Portable Bathrooms

GPS Tracker For Portable Toilet

GPS asset tracking technology has revolutionized various aspects of our lives, providing effective solutions for theft prevention, asset monitoring, and other applications. One growing yet lesser-known application is the use of GPS trackers for portable bathrooms, also known as port-a-potties. These units play a vital role during special events, outdoor parties, and construction sites. However, what many people are unaware of is the high demand for portable bathrooms by thieves, leading to frequent incidents of theft. To address this challenge, businesses are turning to GPS tracking technology as a form of theft recovery and asset management. But what is a GPS tracker for portable bathroom and how do they work? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about GPS tracking portable bathrooms!

Enhancing Portable Restroom Management With Real-Time GPS Tracking

Okay, so you are not sure if GPS tracking is the right choice for you when it comes to asset management of your portable restrooms. We totally understand! Therefore, we should take a closer look at the advantages of using real-time GPS for monitoring portable restrooms:

  • Increased Security. Real-time GPS tracking provides enhanced security for portable restrooms, minimizing the risk of theft and unauthorized use.
  • Theft Prevention. GPS technology allows businesses to monitor the exact location of portable restrooms, deterring potential thieves and facilitating swift recovery in case of theft.
  • Efficient Asset Management. Real-time tracking enables businesses to optimize the deployment and utilization of portable restrooms, ensuring they are available when and where needed.
  • Timely Servicing and Maintenance. GPS technology can provide accurate location data, allowing businesses to proactively schedule servicing and maintenance tasks, ensuring cleanliness and functionality.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction. With real-time GPS tracking, businesses can provide accurate information to customers about the location and availability of portable restrooms, enhancing customer satisfaction and overall experience.
  • Streamlined Operations. GPS tracking enables efficient route planning for restroom service trucks, minimizing travel time and fuel consumption, and improving operational efficiency.
  • Cost Savings. By optimizing asset utilization, minimizing theft, and streamlining operations, businesses can achieve cost savings and maximize the return on investment in portable restrooms.
  • Real-Time Alerts and Notifications. GPS systems can generate real-time alerts and notifications for events such as unauthorized movement or low battery, allowing businesses to address issues promptly.
  • Historical Data Analysis. GPS devices store historical location and usage data, providing valuable insights for analyzing restroom usage patterns and making informed business decisions.
  • Customized Reporting. GPS tracking solutions offer customizable reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to generate comprehensive reports on restroom utilization, servicing schedules, and more.

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Portable Bathroom Theft: Addressing the Issue with GPS Tracking Technology

The theft of portable bathrooms from construction sites and other locations has been a persistent problem. Interestingly, statistics indicate a higher occurrence of such thefts in the Midwest region during winter. It appears that hunters, in particular, contribute significantly to this trend. They seize portable bathrooms from construction sites and repurpose them for their hunting trips, where restroom facilities are scarce. Despite security cameras proving ineffective in curbing theft, a promising solution has emerged: GPS trackers for business technology. By integrating GPS tracking systems, portable bathroom companies can conveniently monitor the location of their units through software or internet-based applications. In the unfortunate event of theft, activating the tracking system enables the company to swiftly trace the bathroom’s whereabouts. With GPS tracking technology, the battle against portable bathroom theft can take a significant step forward.

When an executive for a plumbing company was asked about his thoughts on implementing tracking systems on the fleet of portable bathrooms being rented he stated, “If the asset trackers will prevent the theft and save me the money then I am on board with the idea 100%”.

GPS Tracking System Recovers Stolen Portable Bathroom: A Success Story

A recent incident in Wisconsin showcased the effectiveness of GPS tracking devices in protecting valuable assets like portable bathrooms. An electrical company, tired of equipment theft, installed wireless GPS trackers on four portable bathrooms at their job site. Unfortunately, within three weeks, one of the units was stolen overnight. However, the foreman remained calm and swiftly accessed the portable bathroom’s location through a website connected to the tracking device. With this information, authorities were promptly notified, leading to the safe recovery of the stolen unit. A company representative expressed satisfaction with the GPS tracker, stating, “GPS trackers are a 21st-century solution to the timeless problem of theft.” This success story highlights the importance of researching and implementing tracking system technology to safeguard valuable assets. With GPS devices, businesses can enhance their security measures and protect their equipment from theft.

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