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Everything you need to know about tow truck GPS trackers!

There are a number of reasons why a tow truck operation business would want to adopt a GPS fleet tracking strategy designed to boost internal operations. For one, having access to where a tow truck driver is located in the field can help fleet managers better route drivers to stranded motorists, resulting in quicker arrival times that end with happier customers. From the perspective of internal operation efficiency, fleet monitoring can also offer tow truck companies a tool to audit the mileage a tow truck operator has driven, data related to speeds driven, and a variety of other geo-locational information that can be used to cut costs and enhance productivity. Clearly, having a strategy in place that focuses on the management of fleet and mobile assets is critical in a time where the business is slow and the economy is crawling, but through the use of truck GPS tracker technology, tow truck companies are fighting back!

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Best GPS For Tow Truck Drivers

Choosing A GPS Device For Your Tow Truck Business

Before a tow truck company invests in a GPS monitoring solution they need to first evaluate what the intended goal of the GPS tracker is going to be. For example, if a tow truck company wants to purchase a GPS strictly for the purposes of observing the driving activity of tow truck drivers to scan for speeding violations, poor route management, or unauthorized usage of company assets, then a real-time device may not even be necessary. For companies interested in tracking employees for the purpose of reviewing driving activity at a later time, a passive system such as the PlayBack GPS will suffice.

Features of PlayBack GPS For Tow Trucks:

  1. Compact Size With Internal Antenna
  2. Capability To Track Location(s) Every Second
  3. Stores Info Related To Every Stop A Tow Truck Driver Made
  4. Device Records How Fast A Tow Truck Driver Was Moving

PlayBack GPS allows a tow truck company to get accurate and reliable data regarding driving activity at a price that is financially affordable for even a very small time mom and pop operation. Another great feature of the GPS data logger is that the tow truck tracking device is waterproof and engineered with an exterior magnet. This results in tow truck companies being able to covertly place the hidden GPS tracker on a tow truck without drivers ever knowing! However, for those tow truck companies wanting a fleet monitoring solution that can provide all of the above-mentioned benefits and more, than the only option is a real-time observation solution.

Best Live GPS Tracker For Tow Trucks

Passive trackers are great tools for tow truck small business tracking applications, but when it comes to overhauling fleet monitoring strategies and getting the job done then the solution comes in a real time GPS tracker. And according to tow truck GPS tracker reviews no other device can compare to a real-time system such as the Plug & Play GPS. What makes the Plug & Play tow tracker GPS so special is that it gives a tow truck company the ability to instantly access where a tow truck driver is in real-time! This information can be used to enhance route efficiency, observe for problematic driving behaviors, and increase response times.

Features Of The Plug & Play GPS:

  1. Live Location Data That Can Be Updated As Fast As Every 3 Seconds!
  2. Simple Connection Via OBD2 Port
  3. Speed Notification & Geo-Fence Alerts
  4. Computer, Tablet & Mobile Phone Access To GPS Data
  5. Unlimited Historical Playback Features
  6. Notification When A Tow Truck Boom Is Activated
  7. Over 5 Different Driving Summary Reports To Select From

Whether a tow truck company selects to use a real-time monitoring device as a portable solution or hard-wire the unit for long-term installation, having instant access to driving data can help improve customer service and driver efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and more. With the current economic and financial times, businesses can no longer trust employees are as productive as they should be. All operations and functions of business must instead be closely monitored in order to cut costs and build profit, and tow truck GPS tracking devices provide the ability for tow companies to do so.

GPS Fleet Tracking For Tow Trucks

It has been said that small businesses are the driving force of the American economy, but during both good and tough economic times, small businesses face a number of challenges that threaten profitability and success. Some of these factors include a sluggish housing industry, consumer cuts in recreational spending, and high fuel/gas prices. Although there is no exact recipe or blueprint to ensure company success, all business experts agree that reducing unnecessary and wasteful spending is one key way to increase the probability of business success. There are a number of different ways a company can cut costs, but for businesses who specialize in towing, GPS vehicle tracking is proving to be a game-changer.

GPS Fleet Tracking: Tow Truck Solutions

GPS navigational devices have always taken the spotlight when it comes to satellite technology, but GPS tracking solutions are the talk of the town among companies with a fleet of vehicles when it comes to automotive management. Fleet and automotive management essentially refer to the observation of company vehicles and driving activity through the use of GPS systems that document geolocational data. This automotive data is helpful for tow truck companies because it can tell a tow truck company:

  • The Places A Tow Truck Operator Has Been
  • How Long A Tow Truck Operator Was Stopped At Each Location
  • Route Information That Can Help Tow Truck Operators Increase Travel Efficiency
  • If Unauthorized Use Of Automotive Company Assets Is Occurring
  • Total Mileage Driven By Each Tow Truck Operator On A Daily Basis

Tow truck companies looking to enhance automotive management strategies while significantly reducing internal driving habits that impact the bottom line must call upon GPS business tracking solutions. With GPS satellite tracking solutions that provide both real time and historical data tow truck companies can easily acquire the information they need that can lead to more profit, efficiency, and overall better service.