Real-Time GPS On Tablet

Google Nexus

Getting Live GPS Data From Tablet Systems

Once considered the perfect tool for businessmen and people on the go with computing needs, laptop systems have become less and less popular with consumers. The decline in popularity has nothing to do with the usefulness of laptops but rather the development of tablet computing systems. Now brands such as the iPad, Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle Fire are the hot items making consumers drool. These tablets are user-friendly, light, compact and easy to travel with making them ideal solutions among consumers, and now people with any of the popular tablet systems can access real-time GPS data with the assistance of a new app available.

The most called upon real-time tracker device among businesses and consumers, SilverCloud GPS units have been improving vehicle management, driving safety and automotive security. With the web-based browser offering its users access to both past and live automotive tracking data, users of this particular tracker device can now retrieve their personal location information using any of the tablet systems on the market! All the tablet needs is an Internet connection and its ready to access the satellite imaging programs and driving activity reports online.

Those seeking real-time GPS data access from their tablet system can either access locational information by going to the online platform or downloading the latest mobile app. The web-interface works well for people in an office setting or home, but for those on the go, the free download of the mobile app is the recommended portal for data access. Those using the mobile app will find that all of the features are available and easy to use through the LandAirSea control panel.

More and more people are shifting their computing from desktops and laptops to tablet systems. This new portal into accessing GPS tracking system data will provide tablet users an instant gateway into viewing their personal locational data. People interested in learning more can contact Tracking System Direct for more detailed information on features and the mobile app download now available at many of the popular app stores.