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Real Time GPS Tracker For Limos

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GPS Tracking Systems For Limousines

earth-image-rpw2Limousine companies are always looking at ways to improve business efficiency. That often means utilizing technology and management strategies to enhance limo security, improve estimated time of arrivals, reduce liabilities and of course provide the highest level of customer satisfaction to passengers. This is the reason limo businesses throughout the United Stated have been investing in GPS tracking systems.

What Is A Real Time GPS Tracking System?

Real-time GPS tracking systems are devices that connect to a limo and provide the business owner vast amounts of data that can provide significant value. Data such as where a limo is located if it is ever stolen, data regarding speeding if a limo driver is operating a vehicle at dangerous rates of velocity, data about vehicle idling, RPMs and so much more. Most importantly though GPS vehicle tracking systems for limos can help a limousine business manage multiple limousines operating in the field all through the use of a simple, user-friendly online interface. This web-based platform is awesome because it allows limousine business owners and managers to simultaneously access real-time GPS tracking system data. Not to mention, the multitude of benefits in terms of routing and coordination such a platform provides.

What GPS Tracking Is Best For Limos

There are two options when it comes to a real-time GPS tracking system for a limo: portable and direct connect. The best portable solution is currently the SC Overdrive. This is because the tracking device will provide over 60 hours of wheels-in-motion vehicle tracking data, making the SC Overdrive the longest lasting limo tracker on the market in terms of battery strength. Those investing in the SC Overdrive also have the option to invest in a waterproof case accessory that will allow a limo company to covertly place the GPS tracking system underneath a limo. This can be a great way to determine if limo drivers are driving safely, efficiently and effectively.

Limo companies not wanting a portable solution and instead preferring a GPS tracking system that pulls power directly from a limousine will find the best device to be the Sync GPS. What makes the Sync GPS unique is that it connects right into the on board diagnostic port of a limo (6 and 9 pin connectors are also available for heavy duty vehicles). Therefore, the GPS device pulls power from the limo, is discreet to the driver and offers more data related to diagnostics than the portable vehicle tracking solutions.

Regardless of the choice a limo business makes when selecting a real-time GPS tracking device the benefits in terms of management, security and safety are overwhelming. GPS tracking can assist any limo business in a number of different avenues whether it be mileage accounting, driver safety, automotive security or simply more detailed management.