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Real-Time GPS Tracker With Long Battery Life

What GPS Tracker Has The Longest Battery Life?

Struggling with the limited battery life of your current real-time GPS tracker? This issue isn’t uncommon; it plagues companies and law enforcement agencies globally. GPS asset trackers, despite their prowess in providing remote access to vehicles and other assets’ locations, often drain battery rapidly due to constant data transmission. But here’s the good news: what if there’s a real-time GPS tracker with a long battery life? The answer is the Everlast Nano, a revolutionary, power-efficient 4G GPS tracker designed specifically for long-term asset monitoring. In this article, we will discuss this award-winning real time GPS tracker with long battery life and highlight its unique features. Let’s go! 

Everlast Nano: Best Hidden GPS Tracker With Long Battery 

best hidden gps tracker for car long battery life


  • Locate Update Every 5 Seconds
  • Find Out The Truth With Accurate Vehicle Monitoring 24/7
  • Allow You To Track Anything Without Them Knowing
  • Magnetic Waterproof Case For Covert Placement On Car
  • GPS Data Accessible From Any Cell Phone

Introducing Everlast Nano, the market-leading, secretive live GPS tracker that outperforms in both functionality and features. With nearly 9x more battery power than competitors such as LandAirSea 54, Spytec GL 300, and Bouncie GPS, isn’t this the powerhouse you’ve been looking for? Imagine this: around 138 hours of vehicle motion recording time, translating to 4-6 months of real-time GPS tracking data. But how does it achieve such endurance? The secret lies in its sleep mode, activated when no movement is detected, maximizing battery efficiency. This clever feature allows for approximately one month of live tracking, based on average domestic drive time (2 hours per day). The truth is Everlast is an absolute powerhouse. In fact, the vehicle GPS tracker is more powerful than any other live tracking system on the market today!

Truck GPS Tracker

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Everlast Nano GPS – Best Real-Time GPS Tracker With Long Battery Life 2024

Looking for a live GPS tracker with long battery life? It’s a demand shared by both businesses and consumers, who seek quick-updating, power-efficient solutions. Yes, it’s common to find a GPS tracker updating approximately 6 times per minute, thanks to expanding cellular technologies. But what about battery life? Unfortunately, most trackers fall short here. They typically offer only 10-15 hours of real-time GPS tracking without an external power source, like a car battery. Does this leave you in a tight spot? Don’t worry. The Everlast Nano is stepping in to revolutionize this with a potent internal battery and an extended battery pack accessory. Imagine, an additional 138 hours of recording time while on the move!

Product Details:

  • Battery Life: 15 days standby, with extended battery for an additional 140 days of tracking.
  • 4G Coverage: Covers all of North America, including Canada, Mexico, and the US.
  • Easy Installation: “Slap-and-track” design for hassle-free attachment to any vehicle.
  • Magnetic & Waterproof: Case ensures a secure attachment and protection in adverse situations.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and trailers.
  • Battery-powered and Subscription-based: Reliable and flexible tracking with a monthly subscription.

On the hunt for a real-time GPS tracker with long battery life? No other tracking system outshines the Everlast Nano in this domain. Are you a government agency needing a surveillance solution, a concerned parent monitoring teenage driving, or a business aiming to boost vehicle management? Perhaps you’re someone simply looking to protect a valuable asset? For all these needs, the Everlast Nano stands as a true ally.

gps tracker with long lasting battery

Finding The Perfect Real-Time GPS Tracker with Long Battery Life

Are you in search of a reliable GPS tracker that provides real-time tracking and doesn’t drain its battery quickly? Whether you’re tracking your assets, monitoring a fleet, or ensuring the safety of your loved ones, a GPS tracker with long battery life is essential. In this section, we’ll explore some of the most common GPS trackers available on the market today, along with their impressive battery life. These portable devices offer advanced features and allow you to track locations in real-time, providing peace of mind without constant recharging. Here are some popular GPS trackers and their battery life:

  • BrickHouse Security: A compact and efficient GPS tracker that boasts an extended battery life of up to 4 weeks.
  • Tracki Mini GPS Tracker: This small but mighty tracker utilizes a battery-saving mode, ensuring its battery lasts up to 2 weeks.
  • Spytec GL300: Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this personal GPS tracker can operate for up to 2.5 weeks on a single charge.
  • Amcrest GL300W GPS Tracker: Featuring an extended battery life of up to 2 weeks, this tracker offers global coverage and accurate real-time tracking.
  • Americaloc GL300W: Known for its long-lasting battery, this tracker can keep you updated for up to 2 weeks before needing a recharge.

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5 Key Factors That Impact The Battery Life Of A GPS Tracker

5 Factors That Affect a GPS Device’s Battery
5 Factors That Affect a GPS Device’s Battery

When it comes to maximizing the battery life of your GPS tracker, understanding the key factors that influence power consumption is essential. These factors range from how often the device updates its location to how it performs under various environmental conditions and the specific features it utilizes. By getting to grips with these elements, you can make informed decisions to extend your device’s battery life effectively.

Frequency of Location Updates

This is a primary factor because each update requires the device to communicate with satellites or cell towers, consuming significant energy. The more frequent these updates, the quicker your battery depletes.

To mitigate this, adjust the device settings to increase the interval between location updates. This change can dramatically extend battery life without greatly compromising the effectiveness of tracking.

Extreme Temperatures

GPS trackers are sensitive to temperature extremes, which can affect battery chemistry and performance. Operating in very hot or cold environments forces the battery to work harder, leading to quicker drain.

Keep the device within its recommended temperature range whenever possible. When not in use, store it in a place that avoids these extreme conditions.

Poor Cell Reception

Struggling to connect to cell networks causes the device to amplify its signal, requiring more power. This search for a stronger connection significantly reduces battery life.

Limit the use of your tracker in areas known for poor cell reception or adjust its settings to reduce the search effort and power usage in such conditions.

Battery Size

The physical size of the battery directly impacts how long it can power the device. Larger batteries last longer but are bulkier, which may not always be desirable.

Choose a device that offers the right compromise between battery size and operational longevity that suits your tracking needs.

Power-Intensive Features

Utilizing features like live streaming video or constant data transmission is highly demanding on battery resources. These advanced features, while useful, can drain power much faster than basic tracking.

Use power-intensive features judiciously. Consider disabling them or adjusting their settings when prolonged battery life is more critical than high-frequency data or video streaming.

By understanding these factors and implementing strategies to mitigate their impact, you can significantly extend the battery life of your GPS tracker, ensuring it remains functional for longer periods without needing a recharge.


Is the battery life of the EverLast Nano GPS Tracker sufficient for prolonged monitoring without frequent recharging?

Yes! With a built-in battery that lasts 15 days on standby and the extended battery option, the EverLast Nano GPS Tracker offers an extended tracking duration without the need for frequent recharges.

How does the EverLast Nano GPS Tracker optimize battery usage in different environments and temperatures?

The EverLast Nano GPS car tracker is designed to operate efficiently across a wide range of temperatures. It intelligently adjusts power consumption to ensure optimal battery usage regardless of the operating environment

How does the operating temperature affect the battery life of GPS trackers?

Extreme temperatures can impact battery performance in GPS trackers. However, portable GPS trackers designed to operate in a wide temperature range can optimize power consumption and maintain battery life in various environments.

Are there any techniques or tips to maximize the battery life of a GPS tracker?

To maximize battery life in GPS trackers, you can employ several strategies. Adjusting the update frequency, reducing unnecessary features or functionalities, optimizing settings for power-saving mode, and ensuring proper device placement for optimal GPS signal reception can all help extend battery life.

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