GPS Tracking System Offers Longer Battery LIfe


One of the biggest problems facing companies and police agencies when it comes to applications related to GPS vehicle tracking is the lack of extended battery power with real-time tracking devices. Real-time systems are by far the most coveted form of GPS monitoring solution becuase the technology allows a person to remotely access where a asset, vehicle or some other object is located at any given time. This is why live tracking devices are commonly used for automotive security, surveillance, vehicle management and more. However, devices that provide real-time data are constantly receiving and transmitting information, resulting in the internal lit-ion battery to drain rather quickly. This has been the biggest compaint among users of the SilverCloud device, the most poular real-time system on the market today, who use the GPS unit as a portable tracker. This is also why the brains behind the live tracker have been working on a resolution to the problem and are now releasing a new version of SilverCloud called Overdrive.

What Is SilverCloud Overdrive?

In terms of functionality and features, the new SilverCloud Overdrive will offer everything that the original SilverCloud GPS tracker offered but with one enhancement, four times greater battery power. With users provided roughly 60 hours of vehicle motion drive time recording (the device falls into a sleep mode when no movement is detected). This extended batter power will provide live tracking for approximately one month according standard domestic drive time calculations (2 hours of driving per day). This is more battery life than any other live tracking system currently on the market!

Features Of SilverCloud Overdrive GPS

  • Live Updates As Fast As 3 Seconds!
  • Lifetime Access To Past Driving Records!
  • User-Friendly Online Mapping!
  • Multiple Activity Reports!
  • Live Chat Option!
  • Speed/Low Battery Alerts!

Those seeking a real-time GPS tracker with long battery life will find that no other tracking system on the market can compete with the new SilverCloud Overdrive. Goverment agencies looking for a surveillance solution, parents worried about teenage driving, businesses seeking to enhance vehicle management or anyone looking to safeguard an asset will find the SilverCloud Overdrive a true asset.