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No Monthly Fee Real Time GPS Tracker

One of the best things about GPS tracking devices is that they can help parents determine if a teenager is driving safely, businesses improve fleet management strategies, and assist anyone looking to track a vehicle. Although there are significant benefits of using GPS vehicle tracking technology one of the drawbacks has always been that live monitoring required a monthly fee. Thankfully, that has all changed with the introduction of real time GPS tracker with no monthly fee products that are making it easier now than ever before to track an automobile without any subscription costs!

Real Time GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

Best Real Time GPS Tracker No Subscription

What is the best real time car tracking device with no monthly fee?

Always in search of the top-performing tracker devices, Southern California-based Tracking System Direct spends countless hours evaluating and rigorously testing GPS tracking equipment. Believing that the exclusive product line lacked a no monthly fee real time GPS tracker that could meet the high demands of fleet managers in need of an on-board diagnostic (OBD) monitoring system, Tracking System Direct sent out their team of vehicle management specialists to examine what the market had to offer. After a thorough investigation into the reliability, performance, and overall operation of OBD2 GPS trackers with no subscription fees, Tracking System Direct was blown away by the engineering, web-based monitoring platform, and efficiency of a device known as the Connect GPS. Convinced that the user-friendly Connect GPS tracker was the best real time GPS tracker with no subscription on the market for business fleet management applications, Tracking System Direct was proud to debut the Connect GPS to businesses and consumers.

Connect GPS fleet monitoring devices are connected directly to the onboard diagnostic port of an automobile, where the tracker will capture a wide range of information related to travel and vehicle activity. This travel activity includes:

  1. Aggressive Driving
  2. If A Driver Tampered With The Device
  3. Vehicle Idling
  4. Hard Breaking
  5. How Fast A Driver Travels
  6. Addresses A Driver Arrived/Departed

All of the above-mentioned driving information and more can be accessed in real-time, or viewed in a historical format. Basically, the Connect GPS offers everything that the standard portable live GPS trackers offer, but with a number of additional features that are more specific to recording vehicle and driver activity.

Fleet Tracking No Monthly Fees

When most companies invest in real-time tracker devices, the three things they are looking for are a solution that can pull power directly from the target automobile, something that can be covert in nature, and of course a fleet tracking device with no monthly fees. One of the features that make this tracker device so special is that it can be directly connected to the OBD2 port of any vehicle, allowing the user to avoid having to invest in a GPS hardwire kit for permanent installation. The Connect GPS will simply pull power from the car battery, falling into a rest mode when the target vehicle is turned off. For businesses that demand some form of covert monitoring, the small Connect GPS tracker is difficult to detect with the naked eye, and was designed with a tamper alerting feature that will notify any fleet manager if an employee driver is messing with the GPS monitoring device! However, the feature of Connect GPS that gets the most attention is the real time updates with no monthly fees for the first year of service.

“Tracking System Direct would often receive inquiries from large businesses seeking a complete vehicle management tool that could record information directly from the OBD2 port such as vehicle idling, fuel activity, aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, and do so without any subscription costs”, explained a business tracking specialist for the Southern California monitoring company. “With the Connect GPS tracker, any business can now eliminate a number of costly expenses associated with fleet mismanagement such as vehicle idling, excessive fuel consumption, and poor driving habits. Connect GPS truly is the ultimate in fleet tracking technology, and the best part is that the no monthly fee real time GPS tracker is affordable for any business!”

Real Time Speed Alerts

Successful businesses all across the globe are more networked and connected now than ever before. They are utilizing various management and technological strategies in order to compete in a very tough economic climate. All of this is being done in order to stay competitive and profitable. One surveillance tool that is giving companies a combination of both increased management and oversight is the Connect GPS, a real time GPS tracker with no monthly fees. However, the feature of Connect GPS that most businesses are calling upon is the speed alerts notification that instantly alerts a company if drivers are operating vehicles at dangerous high speeds.

How Speed Alerts On GPS Trackers Work

Speed alerts are a wonderful feature that allows a business to determine what speed a driver should not exceed. This feature is used specifically to make certain company drivers are operating company vehicles at safe rates of speed. For example, if a company determines that no driver should be driving a company automobile faster than 75mph, the company can program an alert to notify fleet managers the instant any company vehicle travels faster than that speed. What’s great about this feature is that it is also adjustable. Therefore, drivers with past speeding violations can have speed alerts programmed at say 70mph, whereas drivers with no history of speeding violations can have alerts programmed at a different rate of speed such as 80mph. The speed alerts are totally customizable and easy to modify.

Setting the speed alert is really as simple as logging into the web-based mapping program and selecting the alerts section in the control panel. From there, the fleet manager(s) can type in the speed limit they prefer, and input alert contact information. The alert contact information allows the fleet manager to enter single or multiple cellular phone numbers or emails. All of the listed contact numbers and email addresses will be notified if the company driver accelerates over the set speed limit.

Real-time trackers with no subscription fees such as the Connect GPS are now common in the business world, and speed alerts are one of the great features of the technology. Businesses have to protect themselves from any possible liabilities, and GPS monitoring systems are one of the solutions that are helping them do so. Not to mention, GPS vehicle tracking systems can also provide a level of auto security, fleet management, and employee oversight that can maximize profitability. It is easy to see why GPS monitoring systems will only continue to be a mainstay in the business world.

Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Through GPS Technologies

The money a business can spend on fuel every year can be in the millions of dollars, resulting in reduced revenue and smaller profits. Many businesses with mobile assets have begun taking back control of the internal money that has slipped through the cracks by improving fleet management operations with GPS tracking technology. Vehicle tracking devices are giving businesses everywhere an easy way to monitor fuel consumption to increase company profits, but the best part is that real time GPS tracking technology now comes without any subscription fees.

The cost of fuel can be back-breaking for many consumers and businesses. With the dollar continually depreciating verse other global currencies, while crude oil is still traded in United States dollars (USD) the combination has created instability in gas prices. This is especially true in California where gas prices are now eclipsing the $4.30 mark seemingly everywhere, creating panic and frustration among all people.  This increased cost of doing business is making fleet management and GPS tracking equipment necessary to curb wasteful internal fuel consumption.

Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking No Monthly Fee

Understanding that fuel costs could have a serious effect on the company’s bottom line, many businesses began turning toward vehicle tracking systems to lend a hand in GPS fleet management operations. The problem with employees who spend time moonlighting is that they are not only less productive, but they can actually cost the company money by taking longer routes. An employee making $50,000 a year and spending 15-30 minutes a day purposely taking longer routes can easily result in additional fuel costs greater than the employee’s salary! That is money that cannot afford to be wasted in a tough economic environment. This is the reason why real time GPS vehicle tracking no monthly fee devices are in such a demand because they can account for everything a company driver is doing while working out in the field.

Live GPS tracking no monthly fee devices can give businesses an easy way to view mileage and routes driven to audit for potential moonlighting or poor routing. The tracking systems can easily improve fleet management and increase profit! The only questions that remain are how much money do you think your business or household wastes on excessive driving or poor route management.