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Real Time GPS Tracker Magnet

Live GPS Tracker Waterproof Case

real time gps tracker magnet

The latest in personal GPS tracking and vehicle tracking technology, the SilverCloud 2020 is the smallest GPS tracking device featuring 4G capabilities! What makes this GPS tracking system unique is that it can easily be carried in a pocket, inside a purse, placed inside a backpack, or tucked away covertly inside an automobile. For those choosing to use the SilverCloud 2020 as vehicle tracking solution, this product also comes with a free waterproof case with magnet mount! This real time GPS with waterproof covert magnetic comes offers the following features:

  • Historical playback of driving activity
  • Over 30 hours of continuous tracking time (battery life)
  • Live speed alerts
  • Printable activity reports that document speed, time, mileage, addresses etc. 
  • Cost-effective monthly subscription fees for less than $1 a day
  • Easy outside attachment to automobile

This real time GPS waterproof case tracking device updates live locational data and therefore requires a monthly subscription. There are no activation fees and data subscription plans are month-to-month. Below are the real time GPS tracker data usage plans.

GPS Tracker Data Plans

Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

Small Magnetic GPS Tracker

SilverCloud 2020 users can access online GPS software from a smart phone or computer using most web browsers. GPS tracking software utilizes Google Maps  which provides users a user-friendly interface. However, what makes this small magnetic GPS tracker widely considered one of the best hidden GPS tracker for car is the compact size and versatility of the device. This is because SilverCloud 2020 users can take the GPS tracking system out of the waterproof case with magnet mount any time to use the tracker as GPS personal tracking system. That means SilverCloud 2020 can be called upon by the following users:

  • Transportation services such as airport shuttles, taxis & ride shares
  • Businesses looking for a GPS fleet tracking solution
  • Family members concerned about a senior walking alone
  • Parents concerned a teen driver might be speeding
  • Companies wanting to bust problem employees/drivers
  • People in relationships suspecting a partner is cheating

Live GPS tracker

SilverCloud 2020 users can access online software using an iOS or Android device with the free GPS tracking app, allowing people to view, locate, and track activity wherever there is an internet connection. In terms of alerting features, the SilverCloud 2020 will immediately send out an automatic SMS and email status alerts when a vehicle is speeding too fast or if/when a geofence has been crossed. Secure off-site computer servers store an unlimited amount of live GPS tracker  history, which allows users to play back any of the driving history at any time so they can review routes, addresses arrived, mileage and more!

real time gps tracker magnet

Want to learn more about the SilverCloud 2020, the smallest GPS tracking device available? Contact one of our sales support agents who are available 7 days a week and ready to assist with any hidden GPS tracking device questions!

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

Real Time GPS Tracker Manual & Specifications

Diagnostics Blinking LED, Push Notification or TCP diagnostic messages
Dimensions 1.56″ W; 2.65″ L; 1.145″ H
GSM Channels United States: 850/1900 (US SIM included) Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East: 900/1800 (International compatibility available upon request)
Historical Playback Unlimited historical playback stored at server
Horizontal Accuracy 2.5 Meters
Housing Water-resistant ABS plastic
Max Number of Satellites 16 Satellites
Memory Type Flash memory (non-volatile)
Model 2020-LAS1102-1
Mounting Waterproof magnet mount accessory (not included in specs)
Operating Temperature -15ºF to 185ºF (-26ºC to 85ºC)
Operating Temperature -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
Power Source 3.7 volt, 1340 mAh rechargeable battery, wall charger, and USB charger
Reporting Individual tracking report, enhanced vehicle report, start/stop report, mileage report
Storage Capacity 300 Hours of driving time
UPC 602573643860
Update Frequency Based on Data Plan: 60-second, 30-second, 10-seconds, 5-seconds, 3-seconds