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Real Time Location-Based Tracking Devices Becoming Norm

PeopleIt seems like yesterday the first time I heard someone tell me about satellite based GPS tracking technology. I remember thinking to myself that a GPS receiver or transmitter would be pretty cool because it could tell me how far I walked or where to go if I got lost, but I never could have imagined how the technology would infiltrate the daily lives of so many people. Most people are already familiar with how a GPS receiver can help them plot and track exercise and workout routines, or how a navigational GPS system can make driving in a unfamiliar area less stressful, but many people are just now utilizing GPS fleet tracking technology in large numbers.

The most common form of GPS tracking that most people use comes courtesy of mobile communication technology. Every smart phone now has a GPS chip embedded in it that can help the phone user to locate nearby restaurants, gas stations and more. Some parents even purchase teen tracking applications for their kid’s phone that will allow them to get a rough approximation on their location at anytime. However, the GPS system in a cellular phone can be very unreliable, making independent real-time GPS devices the best GPS tracking answer for consumers.

Why Are People Choosing Real-Time?

I think everyone can think of at least one time or another that they wish they could access a person’s location in real-time because of an emergency or some other situation. Sometimes cellular phones are dead, out of coverage or turned off, making them essentially useless at times, and without that avenue of communication many people are lost. A real-time monitoring device offers another form of communication and security that can help. Here are some examples of why people are going real-time:

1. Grandpa or grandma is becoming more forgetful. A Real-time vehicle tracking unit gives the family a way to see everywhere their elderly loved ones are driving, ensuring they don’t become lost.

2. A teenager in the family has just learned to drive and has been given the keys to the family car. A real-time vehicle tracking system will allow Mom or Dad to check if the teen driver is speeding or going out to places that are off limits.

3. A business owner needs to see if employees are working while they are working outside of the office. A real-time device will not only give the business owner the ability to view the employee’s location at anytime, but the GPS system will add up mileage driven and more.

The reason people are bringing real-time GPS devices into their lives is because GPS systems have become more affordable and reliable now than ever before. The GPS tracking data for most tracking devices, such as the SilverCloud GPS, is displayed in a easily accessible format, making it simple for even the novice tech person to access and analyze data from a GPS tracking solution. With the growing number of consumer needs for real-time monitoring solutions it seems like GPS  technology will only continue to grow and infiltrate our lives more moving forward.


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