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GPS Tracking Accusations Toward Reality T.V. Star

Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out About Jon Gosselin

Reality television now consumes almost every network’s programming, bringing a celebrity to everyday people. Reality television can be adventurous as the case is with “The Amazing Race”, or it can provide satire with shows such as “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and “Jersey Shore”.  However, the reality show that has been receiving the most attention over the past few months has been a TLC program about a married couple and their eight children called “Jon & Kate Plus 8”. Unfortunately, one of the star actors is receiving attention for something other than his role in the television series as an ex-girlfriend is now accusing him of stalking her and monitoring her movements with a GPS tracking system.

Jon Gosselin, the now ex-husband of Kate from the reality series, had been romantically linked with a 22-year old woman named Hailey Glassman. The relationship appeared to be growing and moving smoothly until an alleged incident occurred where Glassman accused Gosselin of shoving her into a wall. The couple split up and now Glassman’s friends are stating publicly that Glassman “fears for her life” and believes the reality television star may be trying to document her every move with a vehicle tracking system that utilizes sophisticated GPS tracking technology.

Jon Goslin Not The Only Cheater

Some people in troubled relationships have been taking advantage of GPS tracking technology to monitor the movements of their significant other to discover if infidelity or other inappropriate behaviors are occurring. Although it is illegal to enter a person’s vehicle without permission, many auto GPS tracking devices can be attached to the outside frame of a vehicle magnetically, creating a gray area that almost all states have yet to rule on. The result is a trend called relationship GPS tracking, and although the practice has been prevalent over the past 5 years there have been very few highly publicized incidents of inappropriate use of tracking system technology reported.

At this stage, Glassman’s claims are invalidated and are purely speculative as the tracking system allegations appear to be just another negative mark on Gosselin who has continually received a beat-down to his reputation by the media.

Reality T.V. Star Cheating Allegations

I for one rarely partake in the guilty pleasure most people refer to as reality television. There is nothing “real” about reality television, and people who sign-up to be cast members of these types of shows are only searching for their 15 minutes of fame. I have never seen the television show “Jon & Kate Plus 8”  but I can guarantee that if I did watch it I might take the channel changer and beat it over my head until I knocked myself unconscious.

As for the allegations of Gosselin using a tracking system to monitor his ex-girlfriend, I for one believe she is just as hungry for the spotlight as he is and will do anything to spark interest in her otherwise boring existence. If she was truly worried about him stalking her or placing a GPS tracker on her vehicle then she should speak with a police officer, not a reporter.

I feel sorry for the children who believe that cameras following them around all day is real life. I can only hope that the television show, the divorce, and all the negativity surrounding the parents will have no effect on the children.

What are your thoughts on Jon Gosselin?

Is he a decent guy who has gotten a bad reputation over media spin, or is he really the devil with a pierced ear?

Have you ever watched the show “Jon & Kate Plus 8”?

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