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Australian Adventurer Prepares For Seven Week Voyage

Tracking System Will Record McIntyre’s Journey

sail_boatIn the closing days of April in 1789 aboard the HMS Bounty, 12 crew members led by Fletcher Christian staged a now infamous mutiny that resulted in the successful capture of the ship. After taking control of the ocean vessel, Christian and his pirate crew placed the ship’s captain, Lt. Bligh, and his group of supporters in a overcrowded boat, sending them adrift in the open seas.

Lt. Bligh and his small crew of 18 men spent the next 48 days sailing from Tonga to Timor where their journey eventually ended.

Nearly 220 years later, an adventurer from Australia named Don McIntyre will recreate the event by only using equipment that was available during that time period as he attempts to complete the journey in seven weeks. McIntyre will be completing the 4000 mile expedition with a small crew of only three men, one of whom is an 18-year old.

McIntyre will place a hidden GPS tracking system on his boat that will allow people interested in viewing the journey to do so in real-time online. The vehicle tracking device will transmit GPS tracking data every 2 hours and can be viewed at the Talisker Bounty Boat website.

The voyage will help raise money for The Sheffield Institute Foundation for Motor Neuron Disease that focuses on diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Source: Yacht News