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Reducing Auto Theft & Catching Keno Thieves

KenoHave you ever had your car stolen in the state of Arizona? In years past, Arizona (particularly Phoenix and Tucson) have become known for a high rate of auto theft. According to the “Hot Spot” report of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the city of Phoenix, Arizona took a dramatic turn for the better in terms of auto theft. In 2001, the city ranked as the #1 city in auto theft rates. In 2008, the city dropped to 19th on the list. In 2009, the city went further down to 40th on the list. A hotbed for illegal immigration, auto theft is often tied to illegal immigration in Arizona.

GPS tracking devices are an effective means of not only identifying people and cars but also keeping tabs on their movements. Many newer cars come with GPS tracking as standard or optional. There are even “big-name” aftermarket GPS tracking systems which are popular for automotive tracking for cars and trucks today.

You may have heard how three Omaha men recently robbed the Big Red Keno and two of its patrons on 78th and Cass Street in Omaha, Nebraska. Police were notified of the robbery around 12:55 a.m. Shortly thereafter, 911 dispatchers and police were on the trail of these three unknown robbers responsible for taking money and stealing a vehicle. What led to the capture of these three thieves at 45th and Izard Street? The money taken by the three thieves contained a GPS tracking device, allowing police from Omaha to track the movement of the money even though they did not know the identity of the suspects. Once the money stopped moving, police moved in on 45th and Izard Street and captured the suspects. A police helicopter traveling above the neighborhood identified a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle used in the robbery. Police recovered two firearms during a search of the vehicle.

GPS (global positioning system) tracking is a satellite navigation system that informs people about the location of a person, animal, or vehicle in real-time. There are at least 24 satellites spanning Earth, each of which send off sounds and signals to people who have GPS tracking capabilities. These 24 satellites are arranged so that four each are placed in the six orbital planes. GPS tracking is the solution to locating lost people, animals, or objects and is an effective means for arresting criminals.