Saving Money With GPS Tracking

Cost Savings Analysis

Increasing or sustaining profit can be difficult for many businesses operating against weak global economic conditions. In order to maintain success or growth businesses need to evaluate internal wasteful spending habits that can have a direct effect on a company’s annual earnings, such as employee accountability. Excessive unnecessary or unauthorized trips, poor route management, moonlighting, or extended breaks are all factors that can hurt a company’s bottom line. Thankfully, GPS tracking and monitoring technology can validate, verify and account for any employee misuse of company time or mobile assets.

Tracking System Direct has designed a calculator specifically for businesses that will determine how much money you could be saving every week, month or year by improving employee accountability. Tracking systems are a tool that every business should utilize when increasing revenue and cash flow is a goal.

GPS Tracking: One Of The Best Investments You Will Ever Make!

  • Number of Vehicles:
  • Average Mileage Per Vehicle Per Month:
  • Current Fuel Price:
  • Average MPG:
  • Driver Wages Per Hour:
  • Monthly Fuel Cost:

  • Potential Fuel Savings:

  • Productivity Savings:

  • Maintenance Savings:

Total Projected Monthly Savings:

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