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San Diego Mayor To Wear GPS Tracker

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Former Mayor Undergoes GPS Tracking

Politics and corruption have gone together hand in hand ever since the first moment people gave power to an individual. Unfortunately for former San Diego mayor Bob Filner, political power doesn’t mean you are above the law. Filner learned this the hard way when earlier this week he received a three month sentence of house arrest for his involvement in multiple cases of sexual harassment that were the catalyst behind his recent resignation. That means instead of a suit Filner will be wearing a GPS tracking system that will record his location using real-time tracking. After the house arrest sentence is complete Filner will be placed on probation for 3 years and will never again be able to run for any form of public office.

Although the house arrest, GPS tracking and probation seem like a stiff penalty, many in the public were upset with the punishment perceived by many to be light. This is because even after a guilty plea to false imprisonment and a couple counts of battery the former mayor still did not have to spend any time behind bars for his actions. Maybe it was his political endeavors, connections or strategically crafted public apology that resulted in such leniency, but regardless many are upset with the outcome.

“I think it’s ridiculous that even after admission of guilt for his behavior that this clown won’t have to spend any time in prison”, stated a San Diego resident responding to the news.

Filner will begin his house arrest starting the first day of 2014 and a GPS tracker will be used to monitor his location at all times from the date for three months. Along with an extended probation period the former San Diego mayor will also be required to seek professional psychological help.

Filner was also penalized with a fine of $1,500 for pleasing guilty.

Among some of those disappointed with the soft sentence was famous attorney Gloria Allred who continues representing one woman who filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Filner. Her criticism of the sentence was that any criminal who admits to committing a felony and multiple misdemeanors should face something more than essentially a three month vacation at home.

Do you agree with the sentence that Filner received or feel that his punishment was much too light for the crimes he admitted to committing?