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Seattle Uses GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers Seattle WA

GPS Trackers Improve Snow Plow Operations

Every year before Winter comes around, cities large and small prepare all the necessary equipment and personnel to handle severe snowfall and icy roads. Salt is poured upon the roads to prevent snow from building up and snowplows clear the roadways so motorists can travel from point A to point B. Understanding the difficulties of fleet management during the cold winter months, a city more known for its coffee has decided that GPS tracking system technology would be the most appropriate and efficient way to improve mobilization and deployment of city snowplows.

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The city of Seattle has invested approximately $400,000 on GPS trackers to help fleet management, routing, and overall city operations. A representative for the city of Seattle explained that last year all snowplows were not equipped with GPS tracking technology, and the ending result was many roads and streets were left unplowed for days.

The live GPS tracker devices that Seattle is implementing for the Winter of 09′ and beyond will allow snow plow supervisors to easily monitor what streets have been cleared and what streets still need clearing. “We believe that the real-time vehicle tracking systems will improve fleet management operations, and help snowplow supervisors quickly route snow plows to streets needing to be cleared”, explained an unnamed official speaking on behalf of the city.

Why Vehicle Tracking Devices In Seattle?

The city of Seattle came under intense scrutiny from its citizens last Winter when many roads were left unplowed for days and in some cases weeks. Although some people feel the $400,000 was a large sum of money to invest in GPS vehicle tracking technology, there is no doubt that the tracking systems will improve fleet management and routing. With every city snowplow now being equipped with a GPS tracker, officials estimate that every major road in Seattle should be cleared within 8 hours, and many of the secondary roads cleared around the same time frame.

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Tracking System Opinion

  • Is Seattle’s large investment into vehicle tracking systems a knee-jerk reaction to the shortcomings of city employees last year?
  • Are GPS tracking devices a good investment?
  • Will the Seattle Seahawks ever win 10 games again?

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