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Security High At Republican National Convention

With Republican delegates and party elites all now in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, one of the biggest concerns for police and organizers of the event is security. Sure the talking over the first couple of days of the RNC has been about Melania Trump ripping off a speech from First Lady Michelle Obama, but that non-sense is nothing more than ammo for the liberal media and light night comics looking to get a few laughs. The real talk about the RNC is the security given the high stakes of the Presidential election and the polarizing figure now leading the Republican party.

The dangers facing organizers and those attending the RNC is the number of possible issues that could arise whether it be from protests that move from civil to violent to potential terrorist attacks. Toss in the fact that the state of Ohio has an open carry law, meaning civilians are allowed to carry firearms, and the potential for violent disruption becomes a very real possibility for those whose job it is to keep people safe and make sure the event goes off without any hiccups.

One of the first concerns for security officials working the RNC is the fact that thousands of protestors will be arriving in Cleveland to either voice their opinions against Donald Trump or the hot topic of police violence and racial tension that has dominated national headlines recently. As mentioned before that the state of Ohio does allow for open carry for firearms, the Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association has stated that open carry would be suspended throughout the secure zone around Quicken Loans Arena where the RNC is being held. This is actually quite ironic considering that the Republicans consistently argue that gun control does not work in stopping crime yet at their premiere event they have banned firearms. But that topic is one for another day I suppose.

Although lawmakers have suspended the open carry law police are still very worried that demonstrators and emotional folks in the crowds could still be armed and very dangerous. This has resulted in police forces from across the nation sending their best to help keep the public and politicians safe in Cleveland. Officers from as far away as New Jersey.

“The conventions for both the Republicans and Democrats are protected by the Secret Service, local police, state police and the best enforcement officers from all across the nation”, explained a security expert. “The people behind the RNC security will take every measure to see that politicians and the general public, including those exercising their right to protest, are safe from any violence. This blanket of safety will be provided through a massive management operation that includes everything from probably snipers on rooftops to GPS tracking systems on the ground.”

With security measures in place and the RNC already in full gear do you think any terrorist attack or other incident will occur during the convention that will disrupt the event?

Do you think Donald Trump would ruin the country as President?