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* Includes One-Year Of GPS Tracking Service!

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Senior GPS Tracking Watch

Popular Senior GPS Bracelet Features:

  • SOS Panic Button Alert
  • Monitor Your Own Tracking Data
  • Real-Time Locational Information
  • G-Shock Fall/Impact Detection
  • Virtual Boundary Setting
  • Auto-Answer Two-Way Communication

gps tracking bracelet for elderly

How Do You Prevent Alzheimer’s Patients From Wandering

Sadly, every day senior citizens battling Alzheimer’s and Dementia wander off and become lost. This scenario can be very dangerous and potentially life-threatening, which leaves many concerned families asking, “How do you prevent Alzheimer’s patients from wandering?“. There are a number of preventative measures concerned families can take such as ensuring all the basic needs of Alzheimer’s patients are met, identifying the times of day a senior is most likely to wander, or avoidance of busy places where an elderly person can easily become confused or disoriented. But sometimes preventative measures are simply not enough. This is when senior GPS bracelets or real time tracking system watches can provide assistance.

GPS Tracking Bracelet For Adults

Real Time GPS Tracker For Seniors

When a senior with Alzheimers’ Disease wanders it can be an extremely stressful time for families and ever worse potentially life-threatening time for the confused senior adult. This is where GPS tracking bracelets for adults can bring a little peace-of-mind and senior safety. Senior GPS bracelets are essentially real time GPS trackers designed for personal use, but they are very beneficial in health care applications whether that be a elderly person suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of cognitive decline. Basically, the elderly person wears the senior GPS bracelet and then the live GPS tracking data transmitted from that senior GPS bracelet can be viewed 24/7 by concerned family members or health caregivers. The process of how to track a senior citizen is very simple:

  • Elderly Person Wears Senior GPS Bracelet 
  • Senior GPS Bracelet Sends Out Real Time Locations of Elderly Person
  • Family Members Can View Real Time GPS Locations By Mobile Phone/Computer/Tablet
  • Senior GPS Bracelet Can Also Send Out Real Time Alerts If Elderly Person Begins To Wander

Geo Fencing For Seniors

One of the most significant features of senior GPS bracelets are the alerting and communication mechanisms. This is because family members or health care workers overseeing an elderly person with Alzheimer’s can program safety zones (geo-fences) with the online GPS tracking software offered through senior GPS bracelets. The very instant an elderly person breaches that safety zone an email and/or text message is sent off to the family and/or health care worker. This safety zone feature offered through senior GPS bracelets is critical in stopping a wandering elderly person with Alzheimers before they become even more lost or confused. Geo-fencing has literally saved the lives of many senior citizens by preventing tragedy before it happened.

gps tracking for seniors

GPS Bracelet For Alzheimer Patients

Senior Safety Devices

There are a number of innovative products for elderly persons and wearable technology elderly care. But the most popular wearable technology senior living solution is the senior GPS bracelet. Here are the top 5 features of the GPS bracelet for Alzheimer patients.

1. Real Time GPS Tracker For Seniors

Families who have an elderly loved one showing signs of memory-related illness know how terrifying it can be if that elderly person becomes lost or wanders off. Senior GPS bracelets help bring peace-of-mind to families by providing continuous real-time GPS tracking information about where a senior is located, while also offering the historical travel history through a route sequence feature. Real time tracking data from the senior GPS bracelet can be accessed through any web-enabled device (tablet, computer, smart phone), and by multiple people at the same time. In fact, anyone with the security credentials can go online using the senior monitor app, making the Senior GPS bracelet a simple innovation to help the elderly using GPS tracking technology!


2. Emergency Call Button For Seniors No Monthly Fee

Senior GPS bracelets provide a number of alert features specifically designed to help enhance personal safety of the elderly, making them one of the best gadgets for seniors who want to remain independent. One of these features is the SOS/ panic button offered with the senior GPS bracelet. When activated, the senior GPS bracelet will dial a pre-set phone number establishing two-way communication. The SOS/panic button feature will also transmit a cellular text message (SMS), email alert. This alert notification will also be displayed on the user’s LocationNow Dashboard. A shock sensor alert can also be programmed to transmit an alert if a senior were to fall or trip. Al of these features truly help boost personal safety for seniors who want to remain independent

gps bracelet for alzheimer patients

3. GPS Tracking Bracelet For Elderly With No Fees

Every real-time GPS tracking device solution on the market typically requires some form of activation obligation and monthly fee, but the Senior GPS Bracelet comes with NO ACTIVATION FEES, NO TERMINATION FEES and NO CONTRACTS! This is because the cost of the first year of tracking service is built into the initial purchase of the Senior GPS Bracelet! The cost-saving allows users to monitor elderly loved ones for as long as they want with no long-term commitments, allowing family to cancel GPS tracking service anytime without financial penalty. The wearable technology elderly care system makes it easy for families to focus on senior health care, and this is why the Senior GPS Bracelet is one of the best products for elderly living alone.


4. Senior GPS Bracelet Online Software

The Senior GPS bracelet is a web-based monitoring application that uses satellite imagery to showcase real-time GPS monitoring data. Accounts are accessed securely with a username and password, giving family members located in different regions access to the same GPS data! Clients can access the personal tracking data from the senior bracelet watch from a computer, mobile phone or tablet! Please note that the monitoring center is no longer available. Users are responsible for monitoring their own personal tracking data via the web-based LocationNow platform.

5. Senior Safety App Alerts

The most popular feature of Senior GPS bracelets, geographical fencing (Geo-fence) allows family members to set virtual boundaries around any location or area via the web-based satellite mapping program. When a senior loved one enters or exits passed any of these pre-determined boundaries, an alert is sent to family members via text message and/or email. Multiple family members or health care workers can receive these senior safety alerts, allowing them to respond the moment an elderly loved one with memory challenges begins to wander. The alerting features of GPS tracking bracelets for elderly persons truly help seniors who want to remain independent live a life without fear of personal safety.


GPS Data & Voice Communication Info

Personal GPS tracking data plans are set to update in 15 minute intervals. In an emergency situation the 15 minute updating interval can be changed to report faster. However, it is important for the user to be aware that when shorter intervals are programmed more data will be consumed. The senior GPS bracelet also is designed to offer users 15 minutes of two-way voice communication per month. The GPS bracelet for Alzheimer patients is primarily a location based solution and therefore should not be used as a mobile phone. Two-way voice communication should only be utilized in emergency situations or users will be billed for additional data usage.

Real-Time GPS Tracking & Two-Way Voice Communication: INCLUDED with PURCHASE!

15 Minutes Emergency Two-Way Voice Communication Per Month
0.35 ¢ Per Minute For Additional Two-Way Voice Communication



Non Removable Tracking Bracelet

Tamper Proof GPS Bracelet

Families or healthcare workers in need of an elderly tracking system with tamper proof lock, the senior GPS bracelet tracker is the safety product experts recommend. All Senior GPS Bracelets now come with a locking band and key for those seeking a more secure personal GPS tracking solution, making the senior GPS bracelet the ultimate safety product for Alzheimer patients. The senior GPS racker device cannot be removed unless a caregiver or family member unlocks the device, providing the utmost security for elderly loved ones suffering from memory-related illness. If an elderly person tries to cut the senior GPS bracelet off an alert


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