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Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease now affect millions of senior citizens all over the world. These devastating diagnoses not only make it almost impossible for a senior to live independently, but they also can create a great deal of worry and fear among carrying family members. Concerned family members are left with wondering if their elderly loved ones are wondering, going to places they should not be going or that they are lost. This worry can cause anxiety and stress among entire families. Although technology has not yet provide us a cure for degenerative memory-related illnesses, it has provided the world with real-time GPS tracking solutions designed specifically for personal tracking that can quickly locate any person(s) who may become lost. These Senior GPS Tracker Devices are providing peace-of-mind and senior safety.


Why Senior GPS Tracker Devices Are For You!

Any person or family concerned about the safety of an elderly loved one will find that Senior GPS Tracker Devices are the ultimate tool in personal safety. These real-time GPS tracking solutions come equipped with a number of special features that can help not only senior citizens, but also young children and those diagnosed with cognitive disorders such as Autism. These features include:

  • Live Locational Positions Of Any Person
  • Geo-Fencing That Lets Families Set Virtual Boundaries
  • Panic/SOS Alert Button
  • Historical GPS Tracking Data
  • G-Shock Alert That Detects If A Person Falls

Senior GPS Tracker Devices have no activation fees, termination fees and do not require any contracts whatsoever, making the real-time GPS tracking systems ideal for those both looking for short-term and long-term use!


Data Plan For The Senior GPS Tracker Device

LIve Monitoring WIth Two-Way Voice Communication: $29.95 Per Month

Product Inludes:

  • Senior GPS Tracker Device
  • Wall Charger