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Wrist Watches For Dementia Patients

Provide Peace Of Mind With Personal Safety Devices

Thinking about how far technology has advanced in the past 100 years is incredible. Innovators since the time of Tesla all the way up to Jobs have pushed the boundaries of technological innovation, and the benefactors have been the people of the world. Many of these items or devices have made our daily lives easier to navigate, but some have also made our lives safer. One of these senior safety products is a GPS watch that can be worn by people with dementia, and the real-time senior GPS tracker watch is helping caregivers and family members better monitor elderly loved ones.


Personal freedom is something valued by every person. Having the ability to come and go as we shall choose gives people choice. Unfortunately for seniors in a fight against memory-related illness, freedom is something that is often restricted due to wandering tendencies. Since many suffering from dementia will frequently wander off or become lost, caregivers and family members are forced to limit a senior’s freedom. This can be very depressing for senior citizens, and make life feel much less enjoyable. However, senior GPS tracker watches are alleviating family worry while giving seniors more freedom with the help of real-time locational data.

Senior GPS Tracker Watches: How They Operate

Fashioned to be worn on the wrist like a standard watch, GPS watches are small, lightweight, and durable. They also come with a number of senior security features such as:

  • shock sensor
  • geographical fencing alert
  • speakerphone voice communication
  • live locational data

These features will send a warning if a senior falls, wanders away from a healthcare or senior living facility, and allow family members to speak directly to the senior if they are lost (the watch acts like a cell phone). All a senior has to do is wear the GPS tracking system engineered in the form of a watch and the device will provide real-time info that can be viewed from any device with an Internet connection, whether it be a phone, tablet, or computer. Since data from GPS watches do not require any software of any kind, family members from different locations throughout the United States can access the positional info with nothing more than a password and username.

senior GPS tracker

Senior safety is a top concern for many families all across America. For seniors still driving, GPS vehicle tracking devices are allowing family members to view all driving activities of elderly loved ones to ensure safe driving behaviors. This GPS tracking data is accessible in both a real-time and historical format that gives family members an in-depth, impartial look at how a senior operates an automobile. This tracking data can be used to help concerned family members decide whether or not their elderly loved ones are capable and mentally sharp enough to continue driving. Senior GPS trackers are great tools for helping families understand if a senior is still cognitively strong enough to drive, but what if a senior has become so confused that they can’t even recall where they live? For families with a senior citizen dealing with a more severe level of memory-related illness, senior GPS locator watches are providing the personal GPS tracking solution to boost both safety and peace of mind!

GPS Watch Tracker For Senior Citizen

Elderly GPS locator watches for seniors are essentially real-time trackers that allow family members and/or caregivers to have complete access to the whereabouts of any senior 24/7. How the technology works are by the senior first wearing a GPS locator watch. The senior GPS tracker watch, which sends outlive, real-time tracking data, can then be viewed remotely by any family member or caregiver with both the unique password and identification information, as well as access to the Internet. By logging onto the web through either a smartphone or computing system, family members scattered in different regions can all have access to the locational tracking data of their senior loved ones. In fact, the elderly GPS locator watches even come equipped with features that will alert family members if that senior wearing the tracking bracelet leaves their home! This alert is sent instantly through text message and email, giving family members real-time, immediate notice if their elderly loved ones could potentially be in danger of wandering.

Pros And Cons Of Wearable GPS Trackers


  • View Senior Location 24/7 With Smartphone app
  • SOS Buttons Increase Home Safety 
  • Fall Detection Sends Alert (Medical Guardian)
  • Increase Personal Safety Of Seniors
  • GPS Senior Tracking Watch Offers Multiple Alert Systems
  • Instant Emergency Response 
  • Give Elderly Parents More Freedom
  • Remote Monitoring For Enhanced Family Safety 


  • Senior Might Refuse To Wear GPS Tracking Watch
  • Does Not Offer Activity Monitoring (Heart Rate Like With Apple Watch Or Fitness Bands)
  • SIM Cards Result In Monthly Fees
  • Battery Lasts A Short Time

GPS Bracelet

How Heavy Are Senior GPS Locator Watches?

One of the most common questions families seeking a senior GPS tracking system ask is whether GPS locator watches are bulky and heavy. This is an excellent question considering so many senior citizens lose a significant amount of age as they head into the golden years of their lives. Since most GPS senior tracker locator watches weigh less than 0.5kg, the personal GPS tracker device can not only be worn by senior citizens with a degenerative illness such as Alzheimer’s disease, but also by children suffering from Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, and more.

“Senior GPS locator watches were engineered to be lightweight and easy to wear for anybody, and our senior GPS bracelets not only met but exceeded that initial vision”, stated a personal tracking specialist for the Temecula-based Tracking System Direct.

Those seeking additional information on GPS locator watch for seniors can speak with a representative at Tracking System Direct for more details. Sales representatives are ready to assist 7 days a week.

The Drawbacks Of Senior GPS Tracker Watches

No product is perfect and as great as elderly GPS trackers are, even they have some shortcomings. These shortcomings include the senior trackers not being waterproof, having somewhat limited battery life, and the required presence of cellular communication networks. The reason water protection is important is that many families would prefer a tracker device a senior could wear in the shower or bath. Since a GPS watch such as the Senior GPS Bracelet only offers water-resistant capabilities, the elderly person wearing the unit would have to take the device off before they enter a shower or bath.

Battery life is another concern that many consumers have. Ideally, GPS personal tracking watches would have extended battery life lasting months, but this is simply not the case. The reason is that the GPS watch is constantly receiving and transmitting data throughout the day, and needs to have a small enough battery to where it is not cumbersome for the person wearing the device. Although an internal-lithium ion battery is used in GPS watches (widely viewed as the most power-efficient option), 40 hours is the average time a personal tracker device can operate before needing a charge.

The last shortcoming is cellular communication. Although this is not a concern for 95% of the population, those seniors living in very rural or mountainous areas might not be able to use GPS watches because of this issue. Families need to check cellular coverage by the service provider before purchasing a GPS watch, especially if where the device is going to be used as a reputation for having poor cellular coverage. The reason cellular coverage is critical is that GPS watches gather locational data from satellites then transmit the info using cell towers. If no cell coverage is present, the tracker device will have no ability to send data. That means families won’t be able to locate their loved ones.

GPS watches for seniors have some minor shortcomings, but the technology still has the ability to save the life of seniors who wander, fall, or need immediate medical attention. And that is certainly a worthy investment.

Elderly Driving Evaluation

When Should A Senior Stop Driving?

Losing independence is a very difficult thing for any person to have to go through, but when independence can have a potentially fatal end-result then the decision is easy. Many families across the United States are having to make tough decisions regarding an elderly family member’s abilities to safely operate a motor vehicle. This is because news headlines are constantly showcasing stories about disoriented or confused elderly motorists swerving off the road, running through traffic signals, or hitting pedestrians or other motorists. Many senior drivers no longer have the tools necessary to safely operate an automobile, but the problem has been that many families have not had the tools to discover that their elderly family member could be a dangerous driver. However, that has all changed with the advancement in senior GPS tracking devices.

Car Tracking Devices For Seniors

GPS tracking systems have been helpful in providing businesses a way of discovering if an employee is excessively speeding or driving dangerously, but now that same fleet management technology is helping everyday families find out if a senior family member is operating their personal automobile safely. This is because real-time GPS monitoring devices can transmit speed alerts via email or text message if an elderly driver is driving too fast, and provide detailed reports of everywhere a senior driver has been! The data from the GPS tracking devices make it easy for any family to quickly learn whether a grandparent or elderly family member can continue to safely operate a motor vehicle, or if it is time to hang up the car keys forever. This allows concerned families to have concrete data to help them know if or when a senior should stop driving.

Anyone who knows a senior driver should constantly observe and evaluate elderly driving activity in the search of any possible warning signs. If you believe a senior driver could be a potential threat on the roadways then an elderly tracking solution may need to be the next appropriate choice.

GPS tracking systems have been found to have amazing results when used on senior citizen’s automobiles.  Every year statistics have shown that our senior citizens are having major problems driving. Being considered high-risk drivers, seniors over the age of 65 find themselves involved in a high-rate of auto accidents and fender benders. GPS tracking system devices provide senior drivers and their family members an avenue to improve safety and monitor driving.

Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other physical ailments/problems are serious disabilities affecting many of our seniors. These conditions can have an enormous negative impact on a senior’s driving capabilities. By using GPS tracking systems on our senior’s automobiles we can find out with certainty if their physical or mental condition is having an effect on their driving habits. Car tracking devices can alert family members if a senior relative is excessively speeding, driving too slow, engaging in repetitious driving habits such as circling around a particular area a great deal or is simply lost and need assistance. With the help of elderly GPS tracking system technology, people can now detect and decide if it is time for our elders to hang up the car keys, or feel confident with them sharing the roadways with everyone safely.

With GPS tracking devices now available and affordable to all consumers, we can protect our seniors and the others around them by monitoring their automobiles when the time is right. Seniors are very reluctant to give up their car keys and adapt to new technology, but when a vehicle tracking system can provide proof that the time has come for them to hang up their keys you can rest assured you made the right decision.