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Wandering Dementia Patient Highlights Need For GPS

GPS CautionAccording to Riverside County Sheriff’s, police are still looking for a senior man named Robert Cricks who is suffering with dementia and who became lost as of Thursday evening. The last reported sighting was of Cricks sitting inside his running vehicle (a silver Infiniti) near a fast food restaurant. His family believes that there is no possible way he would intentionally leave their mother but worry his dementia may have caused some cognitive disorientation leading to his wandering. They now worry for his personal safety and hope someone in the community can help find the senior man.

Unfortunately, seniors with illnesses such as dementia wander every single day, but many families are fighting back with the help of GPS monitoring technology. When a senior has cognitive challenges resulting from dementia or simply the fact they are getting older it is necessary for family members to take action in order to promote senior safety. One of the tools concerned families can call upon are GPS auto tracking devices designed to report real-time locational data of a vehicle operated by a senior driver. Some live GPS car trackers can even be programmed to notify family member of that vehicle operated by the senior leaves a designated safe zone. This safety feature can be critical in helping families locate a wandering senior in the shortest time possible and can literally be life-saving.

The Search For Robert Cricks

The son of Robert Cricks explained that it was totally out of his dad’s normal character to simply run off alone. The family now believes that Cricks life may be in danger and because so have been driving all over the Temecula and Murrieta area in hope they locate him and his vehicle. The family expressed that they were very “frustrated” and scared. Adding to the family concern is that Cricks did not have his mobile phone in his possession and it is believed he had no money with him when he went missing. The family also mentioned he was not equipped with an elderly GPS tracker. His wife emphasized how his mental condition could result in the missing senior becoming unfamiliar with his surrounding areas and he most likely would get lost while trying to find his way home.

Cricks was last seen wearing a baseball cap that was decorated with military pins, a blue colored jacket and denim jeans. The missing senior is roughly 6′ feet tall and about 160 pounds according to the family. Anyone in the Temecula Valley with information about Cricks whereabouts is asked to contact local Riverside County Sheriff’s.