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Real-Time Tracker Helps Elderly Keep Independence

3dmapAs we become older our bodies begin to slowly breakdown. We are no longer able to complete the simple tasks that were once so easy, such as walking the dog or up a few flights of stairs. Losing muscular strength and coordination is bad enough for those in their golden years, but it is the loss of cognitive patterns and memory that can be the most painful for a senior and their family.

With Alzheimer’s affecting one out of ten people over the age of 65 and one out of two people over the age of 85, the need for a cure has never been more important. This is because at some point in our lives, more than likely, we will suffer from memory-related problems, assuming we are lucky enough to get to that age. Although Alzheimer’s can cause the people it affects and their families a great deal of pain, one GPS tracking device known as the SilverCloud GPS system is providing some help.

GPS monitoring is a form of technology that allows anyone to locate the exact location of a person through satellite and cellular technology. The GPS receiver acquires satellite signals, stores the data on the device and transmits that information over cellular networks where the user can access it online. This is basically how the Victoria GPS operates; however, the GPS is more uniquely crafted to meet the needs of people with needing a personal tracking application, such as those suffering from memory-related problems.

Unlike many other GPS trackers, the SilverCloud GPS system was designed with a belt clip so people can carry the monitoring unit without hassle. For people who do not want to attach the mini tracker to a belt, the tracking unit is designed smaller than a cellular phone, making it easy to carry in a shit/pants pocket, or in a backpack. Therefore, if an elderly person who has the live GPS in their pocket gets lost or wanders away, family members or caregivers can find out where the missing person is by simply going online.

Although the Victoria GPS system may not alleviate all the hardships associated with Alzheimer’s or any other degenerative memory diseases, the real-time GPS tracker can bring some peace of mind.

Having an avenue to locate a person with Alzheimer’s or their vehicle can be life saving information.

SilverCloud GPS: Victoria 2.0

Tracking System Direct (TSD) would like to announce that although the Victoria has been a reliable elderly GPS tracking solution for many years, the time has come to move forward with a new monitoring solution that offers user more features. The next generation in live tracking technology, the SilverCloud GPS tracker offers all of the same features as the popular live GPS, but the data from the latest live tracker can be accessed by any computer or mobile phone remotely! On top of that, the SilverCloud GPS has even more features and activity reports, sure to help any family analyze where their senior family member is going. In order to create a seamless transition, TSD will be offering the new tracker for the same price as the Victoria until all inventory is cleared and the Victoria no longer is part of the TSD exclusive line of GPS systems. For more information on this promotion please contact a TSD fleet tracking expert.