GPS Teen Tracking Systems

Sexting Leads To Suicide

Nude Photos Cause Teen To Commit Suicide

Isolated Incident Of Sexting Leads To Abuse From Teen Peers

There is nothing more important than family safety and security, and that is why police, school administrators and parents make every effort to monitor teen activity both in and away from school. Unfortunately, schools and police are often more reactive than proactive, often times being behind the curve. That is why so many schools have been so slow to address the growing epidemic of sexting that is occurring on and away from school grounds, and that is part of the reason that led to the untimely death of a teen girl who took her own life after a nude photo led to months and months of abuse from teen peers.

The story of a Montgomery, Ohio teen named Jessica Logan is one of sadness and tragedy. The story of Jessica begins when a young and innocent teen girl made a singular poor decision to snap a nude photo of herself and send it via text message to her high school boyfriend. As most adults know, teens can be cruel and emotionless, and that is why it was not a total shock what happened predictably next. What occurred was the boyfriend began forwarding the nude photo of Jessica to his friends and other high school peers in a move that could be described as immature and classless at best. Once the photo began circulating through the campus, Jessica began to receive verbal abuse and threats from other students on a daily basis, resulting in the girl skipping classes, failing courses and wanting to avoid her peers altogether. Jessica’s mother did her best to intervene, contacting local campus police, school administrators and law enforcement in the city of Montgomery, but the officials did nothing to the guilty parties involved.

Jessica became a very withdrawn and sad girl who simply had a difficult time dealing with the circumstances of the situation and the cruelty exhibited by her fellow classmates. When it seemed like things could not get any worse, a bright spot showed up when Jessica graduated and walked with her classmates. At that time her mother began to think that maybe Jessica was making progress and finally moving beyond the sexting incident that caused her daughter so much pain. Sadly, things took a turn for the absolute worst after Jessica attended the funeral of a friend when Jessica made the decision to take her own life. The psychological pain was simply too much for the girl who had so much more to give.

The heartbreaking story reminds us that even though parents may think they know what is happening in their teen’s lives that the teen may only be showing the world the tip of the iceberg. This is why some parents are using technology such as GPS tracking systems (teen tracking) to determine where and who their teen is hanging out with, and other security products such as spy software and keystroke logger devices to uncover messages sent and received online on popular social networking sites such as Facebook. Teen suicide is something that can be prevented and is something no parent should every have to experience. Schools need to make rules that make it a crime to send explicit text messages, and hold those accountable for their actions that can often result in fatal consequences. Hopefully, parents and school administrators can learn from this tragic incident so another teen does not have to lose their life prematurely over something that could have been prevented.

Source: Cincinnati News