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ShareSpot GPS Tracking Helps Santa

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Cities Using GPS Tracking For Holidays

In cities all across the United States, people will be celebrating Christmas in only a little over four (4) weeks. Families and friends will come together to exchange gifts and enjoy the holiday season with one another. Although pretty much everyone enjoys the holidays, it is children who really get enthusiastic about Christmas festivities. Since children soak up every part of the holidays, parents and adults do everything possible to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. One way many cities are creating more joy for kids is by having a small motorcade carrying Santa Clause make stops throughout suburban neighborhoods. This allows kids to meet Santa for a short time and tell him what they want for Christmas. However, this process has become even more efficient with the help of ShareSpot technology and GPS tracking systems technology that makes certain every child knows when Santa will be arriving in their neighborhood.

How the Santa motorcades have worked in the past was rather an inefficient process. In certain neighborhoods a white star would be painted in the street, indicating one of the places the Santa motorcade would stop. This would help parents know exactly where Santa would be, but the problem was that they did not know exactly when the Santa motorcade would arrive.

“For years, parents and kids knew the place a Santa motorcade would stop, but they never knew exactly what time Mr. Clause would be arriving at their neighborhood”, said a GPS fleet management specialist for Tracking System Direct. “Parents and kids would only be able to tell that Santa was close by the holiday music playing from the motorcade, but those sounds can often travel far in a crisp, quiet winter night. ShareSpot, offered by SilverCloud GPS, allows parents to follow where a Santa motorcade is in real-time. Therefore, parents and kids don’t have to sit outside in the cold waiting and wondering when Santa will stop in their neighborhood, but instead can wait inside their warm homes, viewing Santa’s movements via computer or mobile phone.”

ShareSpot is a new feature offered by GPS vehicle tracking solutions such as the SilverCloud GPS tracker that allows the sharing of GPS data in real-time. How it works is that by equipping any automobile with a personal GPS tracking system, the live data can be displayed on a website where anyone with Internet access can view and review the data.

ShareSpot is currently very popular among airport shuttle and limousine companies.

Through the use of ShareSpot and GPS tracking technology, parents and kids will always know the moment when Santa is not only in their town but in their neighborhood.