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Should I Let My Daughter Travel With Her Boyfriend

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 Teen Daughter Vacation With Her Boyfriend (What To Do)

Having a teenage daughter can be a challenging experience for any parent, but the stress gets a little higher when parents have to have tough conversations. With the weather warming up and spring break right around the corner, many teen daughters are asking their parents about travel. Specifically, a family vacation with a boyfriend’s family or maybe the dreaded boyfriend/girlfriend trip. If your teenage daughter asked you about going on a vacation with her boyfriend here are some essential things to consider before giving her a “yes” or “no”.

I Hate My Daughters Boyfriends’ Family

One of the biggest things to consider before letting your daughter go on vacation with her boyfriend’s family is the family. First, ask the obvious questions such as how well you really know the family, and do they share a similar parenting style with yours? Also, if the family vacation is going to be for an extended length of time, inquire about the chaperoning to expect for both your daughter and her boyfriend. Ask questions about sleeping arrangements or any other things that might concern you. If your parenting views align with theirs it is very likely that the boyfriend’s parents share the same concerns about getting pregnant and all the other concerns common among parents of teenagers.

If you have not had many interactions with the boyfriend’s family, don’t be quick to give an automatic “No,” but share your concerns with your daughter and do a little more investigation. One good way to get more comfortable with his family is to ask questions to the parents that will help you understand how they would act or react in a particular situation. Also, don’t be afraid to ask about everything from the accommodations, daily schedule, transportation, and most importantly, what to expect in terms of communication. If you do not like the answers you hear, be honest with your daughter about why you made the decision you made.

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What If Your Daughter Is A “Good Kid”

What if your daughter has been a good kid since she was a baby girl and showed you over and over again that she is responsible? If you trust her judgment, know she is conscientious, honest, a safe driver, and responsible those are certainly strong factors to consider. As it is equally important to consider her impulsivity, rebellious attitude, and any inconsistencies in important facts. Use your gut instinct when making this evaluation, understanding who your daughter really is: trustful or secretive? Also, you should already have some basic idea of the nature of her relationship with the boyfriend. For example, if she is on birth control or sexually active. Hopefully, you also have some feelings about who the boyfriend is and the overall nature of the relationship between daughter and boyfriend. However, if you don’t, that might be a good cause for some hesitation.

Should I Let My 19-Year-Old Daughter Travel With Her Boyfriend?

Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., author of The Art and Science of Mom, says there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to allowing a daughter to bring her boyfriend on a family vacation or his family to bring her. Therefore, you need to consider his family, your daughter’s level of responsibility, and of course the nature of the relationship before finally making a decision that is best for you and your family.