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Should Parents View Teen Texts?


Teen Text Messages

Teen Safety Or Parent Intrusion?

The moment an individual becomes a parent their entire focus and set of priorities change. They have now brought a person into the world and are responsible for that child’s safety. However, as the baby turns into an infant, small child, pre-teen and eventually a teenager the boundaries become more difficult for parents. This is because when kids become older they want more freedom due to a sense of independence that has slowly grown within. The teenager no longer wants Mom and Dad entering their room, or being around the house when friends are over. Many parents accept that this is all part of the growing up process, but what if the parent began to suspect that their teenager was doing drugs or engaging in some other type of harmful behavior? What steps would they take to ensure safety? What some parents are doing is reviewing text messages received and sent from their teenager’s mobile communication devices in an effort to better understand what is going on in their teen’s life, but is this promoting safety or intruding on a teen’s privacy?

Cellular phones are now the main way teens communicate with not only parents but with peers, and most of this communication is done via text message. Text messaging has become the preferred method of communication among teens because it is quick, easy and can be done from any location. Also, many teens feel embarrassed to speak with their parents on the phone while they are hanging out with friends, shooting a quick text message alleviates this problem. With so much information being transmitted and received through mobile communication technology devices, often times a cell phone can hold many secrets of a teen’s life. Therefore, if a parent suspects that their teen is doing drugs, hanging out with the wrong crowd, having sexual relationships or any other behavior that could be unhealthy they can be tempted to review text messages.

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Whether you are a parent, teen, grandparent or college student, our GPS tracking system experts would like to gather your opinion on the action of parents reviewing teen text messages. Working in the field of car tracking technology, our vehicle tracking experts work with concerned parents of teenagers everyday to promote safety and reduce teen automobile accidents. We would like to know if you believe that parents reviewing a teen’s text messages is an acceptable practice to ensure safety, or if you think it is crossing the line of privacy?