Should Schools Use GPS?


Should Schools Use Vehicle Tracking Systems?

GPS Tracking School Buses

BusesMany schools districts across the nation have considered putting GPS tracking devices on their school buses at some point. Some schools, such as the district in Pueblo, CO,  have embraced the fleet management tools, equipping their entire bus fleets with real-time tracking devices, while others on tighter budgets have to sit back and wait for funding resources to become available before moving forward with a GPS tracking plan. The usage of GPS tracking devices will allow school officials to access exactly where their fleet of buses are being driven, and most importantly the speeds at which they are driven.

The school bus driver is the most important person in keeping students safe, and with school buses shuttling nearly 9 million kids to and from school every year the statistics suggest that danger is clearly present.There have been numerous cases reported of school buses being involved in moderate to severe accidents, and many times these accidents are caused from bus drivers engaging in unsafe driving practices such as speeding. Most accidents are caused by excessive speeding or lack of paying attention to other vehicles or road conditions. With the usage of a GPS tracking system a bus driver can be monitored to show their actions while driving a school bus and keeping the students safe while in their care.

With GPS monitoring units, school bus drivers can be dismissed from their jobs if it is shown they are not responsible drivers, an act that could potentially save a student-child’s life. School buses are also a form of mass transit, but unlike city buses or public transportation options, school buses rarely are equipped with vehicle tracking devices. This us surprising considering that school buses are carrying very precious cargo.

Businesses all across the globe have been successfully using car tracking systems for fleet management with a great deal of success, and now school districts need to utilize this monitoring technology to ensure they have reliable employees transporting all students.