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Shreveport Louisiana GPS Trackers

Car Trackers In Shreveport, Louisiana

Car Tracking DeviceWhen most people think of Louisiana they typically think of the hot tourist spots such as New Orleans or college football city of Baton Rogue. But one city that has been making waves in the bayou recently among technology enthusiasts has been Shreveport. The reason? Well the reason is GPS auto tracking and the businesses in Shreveport who are utilizing the car trackers to enhance automobile management!


Some of the companies that call Shreveport, Louisiana home include Christus Schumpert Health System, Harrah’s Casino, Barksdale Air Force Base and Caddo Public Schools. However, it is the smaller companies in Shreveport that are taking advantage of vechicle monitoring devices to help them improve customer service, safeguard mobile assets and boost employee productivity. The way that these local service-based businesses are getting a competitive edge is by equipping company automobiles with GPS vehicle locators that offer 24/7 access to mobile assets. Not only do the trackers provide locational information but they also give employers helpful data such as how fast employees are driving company cars, the places where those company cars are going, and the amount of time each company car is at each location. This tracking data can be super vital to a small business because it only takes a couple bad reviews (if for example an employee is driving dangerously) to hurt that company. If a driver is speeding on Shreveport roads, going to places they should not be (think a tavern until early in the morning hours) or any other number of situations, it can reflect very poorly on a company and its brand.

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When a car tracking unit is equipped on a company vehicle that company has the ability to where a driver is at, where he/she has been, routes driven and so much more. The technology provides another avenue to observe driving behavior as well as hold employees accountable if they are misusing company cars or time. This allows Shreveport businesses such as heating & air companies, electricians, plumbing operations and more to stay profitable in small markets. And since small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, keeping them efficient, effective and in the black is definitely a good thing!

Those interested in learning more about the city of Shreveport, Louisiana can visit the cities’ official website to get information on tourist activities, business relations and more.

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