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GPS Tracking Data Plans Are In The Works

live_trackingAs I am typing these words right now, Tracking System Direct engineers and executives are hammering out the final details before the launch of our latest real-time tracking solution simply known as the SilverCloud tracker. As most people familiar with GPS tracking technology are already aware, live GPS tracker solutions transmit data wirelessly and therefore all systems, including every one of our competitors, require a monthly service obligation for real-time data. This is where many service providers differ. Some companies will offer a slightly cheaper monthly service rate, but only under the condition that the customer sign a service contract for anywhere between one to two years! We here at Tracking System Direct think annual service contracts are ridiculous, and that is why we will only carry data plans and services that are month-to-month. No cancellation policies or early termination fees! After speaking with multiple businesses, consumers and government agencies currently utilizing our vehicle tracking hardware, we have came to the conclusion that the data plans that are being offered at the present time for our live tracking solution are what people want to stick with. The real time GPS monitoring monthly data plans are as follows:

  • 5-Minute Updating = $19.95 Per Month
  • 10-Second Updating = $39.95 Per Month
  • 10-Second Updating = $49.95 Per Month (International Usage)

Each plan has UNLIMITED updates, allowing users to never have to worry about exceeding their plan, or having to “ping” the device every time they want to gather location-based data.

SilverCloud Tracking System Data Plans: Looking Ahead

Due to the overwhelming response to the current data plan format outlined above, Tracking System Direct will be making every possible effort to keep those data plans in tact when the SilverCloud tracking system is released. We do not and will not require any of our customers to ever sign any long-term contracts! Rest assured, that as more information becomes available regarding the SilverCloud product and data plans we will bring that information to you!

Anyone with questions about real-time tracking technology or current line of GPS tracking systems can contact us 7 days a week via email or phone.