SilverCloud GPS Tracking

SilverCloud GPS Will Change Vehicle Tracking Forever

As we reach the closing weeks of 2010, it is easy to see not a whole lot has changed in regards to the GPS tracking industry. Passive GPS data loggers continued to be the monitoring weapon of choice for parents and small businesses, while real-time tracking technology stayed the preferred monitoring option for people looking for a theft-recovery, elderly monitoring and vehicle management solution. Although prices for GPS equipment across the board did fall marginally, the boundaries of innovation were not pierced by any GPS monitoring company or manufacturer. However, one company in the Chicago area has spent over two years plugging away at engineering, working tirelessly on a live tracking solution that will certainly revolutionize the way we view GPS monitoring technology. The innovative live online monitoring device is known as SilverCloud, and the technology will be available in the early part of 2011.

SilverCloud: What Is It?

Think of SilverCloud tracking as the ultimate vehicle monitoring solution for businesses, consumers and police agencies. A device versatile enough to capture detailed driving data for any businesses’ fleet management needs, consumers’ personal tracking and theft-recovery needs and rugged/durable enough to meet and exceed the requirements for police tracking needs. Data from the SilverCloud tracking unit can be viewed live in real-time every 10 seconds, but unlike many of the other monitoring devices on the market, this tracking system has affordable and flexible monthly monitoring rates. Therefore, SilverCloud users won’t have to break the bank to have access to the data essential to business operations or family security.

SilverCloud: How Can I Get More Information?

Currently, all of the details and specifications around SilverCloud trackers are closely tight-lipped, as the manufacturer is preparing for a full-scale product launch in the next couple months. TSD will continue to investigate and gather information on the real-time monitoring device as details become more available. Hopefully, TSD will have access to a product image in the next few weeks, and more specifics regarding the product features. All we can say at this point in time is that SilverCloud will be making it’s debut in the early part of 2011, and that the tracking system will blow people’s minds away!


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