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2D3DviewAnybody who has recently stopped at their local gas station to fill up their tank probably has recognized the price of gasoline going up,up and up. The cost of transit is simply becoming more expensive, and the trend is only likely continue as oil prices remain high due to a variety of factors that include unrest in the Middle East to a depreciating U.S. dollar. As bad as gas prices are for everyday folk commuting back and fourth to work on a daily basis, escalating gas prices are becoming a very serious issue for companies that have drivers and mobile assets working outside of the office environment. Today, their is no getting around the importance of vehicle and fleet management from the consumer to business level. Thankfully, a modern and cost-effective GPS tracking solution is providing families and businesses a way to carefully observe and reduce fuel consumption, while improving safety.

SilverCloud GPS units are the next generation of real-time monitoring devices that have revolutionized the way people view and understand vehicle tracking technology. Unlike many other GPS trackers that require long-term contractual obligations as well as monthly data plans with no flexibility or diversity, SilverCloud GPS trackers are affordable, cost-effective and user-friendly. Through the web-based monitoring application, real-time users can access an assortment of driving data that includes:

  1. Detailed Reports Highlighting Every Location A Driver Stopped
  2. Simple Break Down Of Daily Mileage Driven
  3. Live & Historical Access To Driving Speeds
  4. The Exact Location Of Where A Driver Is At Any Given Time Or Date
  5. Easy To Understand Reports That Show Addresses Arrived/Departed & Length Of Stops

What is even more impressive about the SilverCloud is that the device has the ability to communicate alerts that can notify the operator when a vehicle is speeding, and if a automobile enters or exits an area that has been virtually roped off via geo-fence.

Tracking System Direct (TSD) is proud to have this next generation of car tracking technology available for anyone requiring a reliable vehicle management system from people interested in elderly tracking to business tracking applications and everything in between. However, we do not simply want you to take our word about how great the unique and sophisticated real-time monitoring solution is, instead we want anybody interested in live tracking technology to try out our newest GPS tracking device! TSD has placed an online demo on the homepage of the company e-commerce site that allows anybody to quickly and easily access real-time SilverCloud data. Through this online demo, people can see vehicles as they move across our mapping program, and how detailed and accurate the GPS data really is. TSD also has technical support agents available to walk anybody through how the control panel works from an operational stand point, and GPS experts to explain all of the bells and whistles of the live tracking solution.

For more information on the SilverCloud and how it can do everything from improve fuel economy to increase employee efficiency, please contact TSD. Customer service representatives are available 7 days a week to assist.

Anyone interested in accessing the live online demo can do so by clicking the “demo” button under the mapping program on the TSD homepage and entering the following information:

USERNAME: demosc

PASSWORD: demosc


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