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SilverCloudSince the SilverCloud GPS tracker made its debut yesterday, many people have been contacting Tracking System Direct (TSD) and inquiring about the new real-time monitoring device. In the very first day, Tracking System Direct completely sold out of SilverCloud tracking systems within hours, validating the consumer and business demand for a efficient and user-friendly live tracking solution. With an initial special promotion presented by LandAirSea offering the first 500 SilverCloud units with no monthly service fees and 5 minute updating, businesses, consumers and police agencies all jumped on the opportunity to be one of the first to own the real-time monitoring system. Although the SilverCloud has been greeted with an enormous amount of success early on, many people still have questions regarding the GPS tracking unit. Looking to provide answers to those still with questions about the SilverCloud GPS, Tracking System Direct has chosen to post some of the most frequently asked questions sent by potential customers in an effort to expand the available and accessible information on the new GPS unit.

SilverCloud GPS Tracking Questions & Answers

Q: Does the SilverCloud tracker have an exterior magnetic mount like the GPS Tracking Key and GPS Tracking Key Pro?

A: The SilverCloud was not engineered with an exterior magnetic mount like the Tracking System Direct (TSD) line of passive GPS tracking systems, but TSD will be offering an exterior magnetic mount accessory that will also provide additional waterproof capabilities.

Q: What will be the cost of the magnetic mount?

A: We believe the Pelican case will be the same cost as the Victoria version. Because the case for the real time GPS SilverCloud is slightly larger than the Victoria, we will have to go to the 1015 series.  This is why we do not know if the cost will be higher. Therefore, $ 39.95 is the retail for the current case. The new one, if it will be higher, may only add $ 5.00 or so.  It could then be $ 44.95 retail.  The details regarding pricing for the case options are still fluid, but the MSRP and dealer pricing should be available toward the end of the month when the accessories become available.

Q: If I enrolled in the monthly plan, probably the 10 second plan, and I take the GPS tracking unit with me on vacation overseas, will it still work and will there be any additional charges for tracking my vacation route?

A: The SilverCloud tracker will be programmed to operate within the United States.  If the GPS tracking unit is going to be used outside the US, there are two options. The customer can send in the unit for programming and will be billed the international rate when activated for international use. The second option is to purchase the device to operate as a full time international unit. Therefore, it will work anywhere. The issue with the 2nd option is that the monthly data plan is $ 10.00 per month higher. If the user goes with option 1, after they receive the international conversion, they will have to send it back to LAS to reprogram back to the US configuration if they want the fee back to the $ 39.95 rate. Activation fees will apply when moving from international to US configurations.

Q: How many hours of data logging at 10 sec intervals will the unit be good for before needing to be recharged?

A: This will really depend on the number of hours the vehicle is driven per day.  2-3 hours of “motion” per day will provide 4-5 days of recording. The GPS tracking unit will offer longer recording if driving time is less. The extended battery accessory will provide approximately a month’s worth of additional tracking time if used as above. Remember, the battery level is displayed with the live position to monitor status.

Q: Rate plans are defined as domestic and Im wondering if you guys have contracts with cellular providers world wide to upload gps data to your servers and if the monthly plan rates vary for us north of the border?

A: As stated above in an earlier answer regarding international service, the tracking devices are programmed as US-based units.  If the vehicle crosses the US or Mexico border, US towers will pick up the device for approximately 5-10 miles depending upon terrain.  Beyond that, they will not pick up a signal as Mexico and Canada are designated as international locations.

Q: Also having a unit that can work in dual mode, passive data logger with no services, or real time with a plan, would unite your market into one device that I think everyone would love. This would be attractive to people who use the device after service is cancelled since they would know that after that time the unit would still serve a purpose to them as a passive data logger without monthly fees. Does the SilverCloud tracker have this form of dual option, and if it does not, will TSD offer a GPS tracking solution with dual capabilities in the future?

A: Our 8100 was the first generation of real-time tracker that operated off the Verizon CDMA network, and had dual capabilities. The modems for the 8100 are very unstable because AnyData does not support them anymore, and a lot of towers now have issue with them. This is mostly because the technology has evolved since the 8100 was our real-time monitoring solution (5+ years ago).  The new SilverCloud does not currently have this dual feature, but the passive/real-time hybrid capabilities will be offered in future releases.


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