SilverCloud Feature In Press Release

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Press Release Discusses SilverCloud GPS

New Routing Utility Feature Will Enhance Business Operations

2D3DviewPress releases are an excellent way for businesses to make important  announcements to the public and unique industries about the latest company news. That news can vary from something as small as the redesigning of a corporate website to the debut of a new product or partnership. When it comes to the GPS auto tracking industry, rarely does a new product feature create headlines, but that is exactly what has happened with the introduction of the new routing utility feature for the SilverCloud GPS.

About The SilverCloud GPS Tracker

In an effort to meet the rapidly growing demand of business GPS tracking applications, Tracking System Direct (TSD) worked tirelessly with vehicle tracking system experts at LandAirSea to create a tool to help any business increase efficiency and employee productivity. The partnership resulted in the creation of the ultimate in fleet management and live tracking technology, the SilverCloud. Making its debut at the beginning of the second quarter in 2011, the real-time monitoring system offered detailed satellite image location data via Google Earth, multiple text reporting documents and various affordable data plans that all offered unlimited continuous updates. The GPS tracking solution also provided mobile phone access, speed alerts, the ability to set virtual boundary notification and more.

Progress means moving forward and building off existing success. With the early success the SilverCloud already had captured by setting the new standard for live monitoring technology, the system engineers continued to press innovation forward by developing ideas that could only enhance the user experience. They had no intention on simply being content with the existing success of the system. What the system engineers created was another new feature that would be readily available to new and existing SilverCloud GPS tracker users free of charge. The new feature was called “routing utility”.

Routing Utility Feature

Allowing drivers to quickly access directions from point A to point B or from the exact location a vehicle currently is in the field, the routing utility feature allows business to conduct business more fluently. Fleet managers can quickly access driver location data and input geolocational and directional data via mobile phone, web interface or personal tracking interface. However, the coolest part of the feature is that through the online platform the user can have those directions easily sent to the user via text message or email, making navigation that much more simple!

In a press release by ““,  the routing utility feature is discussed in more detail, also providing the official announcement for the debut of the new feature.