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roadAs the launch date for the newest innovation in real-time monitoring technology inches closer and closer, many businesses and police agencies are anxiously awaiting to learn more about the entire package of features associated with SilverCloud GPS systems. More specifically, the alert features that can help businesses document dangerous driving habits of employees, and virtual boundaries that will notify a police agency when a potential criminal enters or exits a predetermined area. Although every feature the new SilverCloud tracker will have has yet to be released, what the experts at Tracking System Direct (TSD) have learned is that it is very likely the new live tracking solution will offer speed alerts, Geo-fencing alerts and reverse Geo-fencing alerts to users.

GPS Tracker Alerts: How They Work


Geo-fencing has once been described as the next evolution for location-based GPS monitoring systems and vehicle surveillance. This is because Geo-fencing provides game-changing technology that transforms GPS receivers into interactive devices that will notify the user if a vehicle or asset has moved.

Geo-fencing refers to a car tracker sending out an alert if a target vehicle goes beyond  an area created by the user on digital mapping program. The feature allows businesses to make certain drivers do not work outside a particular area, and can alert business owners when company vehicles leave or comeback from corporate headquarters. The notification or alert is sent either by email or text message and will include information such as the date, time and location of where the boundary was crossed.

Reverse Geo-fencing is basically a term that describes the reverse version of the action, meaning when a vehicle, asset or person crosses back into the selected geographical boundaries, an alert is sent.

Geo-fencing alerts for the SilverCloud tracker are programmed over the Google Earth satellite image program via the public tracking or private tracking portals.

Speed Alerts

Vehicle tracking systems are great tools for both businesses and consumers because they have the unique ability to document and alert employers or family members if an employee or teen driver is speeding. The cool thing about speed alerts is that they allow the GPS user to set a speed limit, and they will then be notified if the user exceeds that speed. For example, if a parent is worried that their teen driver may be speeding over the 65mph speed limit posted in their area, they can set speed alerts on the GPS tracker for say 73mph. If the vehicle ever accelerates to 73mph, the GPS user will be notified via email and/or text message about the vehicle speeding. The time, date and other information will be stored as well.

Speed alert features are also helpful and beneficial for people looking at elderly tracking systems that can monitor driving habits of a senior citizen.

What GPS Tracking Users Can Expect

What the GPS experts at Tracking System Direct are now hearing is that the SilverCloud tracking systems will have the capability to offer users all three alert features, Geo-fencing, reverse Geo-fencing and speed alerts. SilverCloud trackers will also provide additional features that will be announced when the live tracking unit makes its debut in March. Until then businesses and consumers will have to stay tuned!