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SilverCloud-29The one characteristic that online shoppers tend to have in common is that they are not impulsive buyers. Online shoppers realize that with a little bit of research and investigative work that a better price can be discovered and obtained. Online merchants are also aware of this very important trait online buyers share, and this is part of the reason why more price wars happen online than any where else. In an effort to generate more business, online merchants are frequently slashing prices on various products to stay competitive, and they are given more flexibility than normal retail centers because there is less overhead cost associated with e-commerce. Tracking System Direct understands that online shoppers are smarter now than ever before, and has always had the philosophy to offer the highest quality of vehicle tracking and surveillance technology at the lowest wholesale prices. This is why will now be offering a special online coupon for the most popular real-time tracker, SilverCloud GPS, to any online shopper who calls into the Tracking System Direct corporate sales facility!

Real Time Savings

Anyone who calls a fleet management expert at Tracking System Direct and mentions the online coupon promotion will receive a discount on the next generation of live tracking technology developed by the engineers at LandAirSea Systems. The discount is not a set rate, as pricing fluctuates from time-to-time with other special offers and limited time sale promotions. For those interested in ordering in bulk, Tracking System Direct will offer larger coupon discounts to reduce the cost of each GPS tracker substantially! Of course, Tracking System Direct will continue to offer free Fedex Ground shipping on all online orders, as well as technical support for the life of every single product sold!

How Do I Take Advantage Of This Offer?

All anyone needs to do to take advantage of the online coupon promotion is contact a personal tracking system GPS expert at Tracking System Direct via email at or call into TSD corporate headquarters at 951-704-9503. The coupon will not be placed online in an effort to prevent abuse. Please keep in mind that the online coupon will only be applicable to new purchases. Orders placed online directly through the cart, or past orders will not qualify for the special discount. A car tracking system expert must personally apply the online coupon in order for the customer to receive the special discount.

About The SilverCloud GPS Tracker

SilverCloud is the most sophisticated live monitoring solution to ever hit the market. Compact in size and designed to offer both hard-wire and portability options for users, this live tracker can capture and transmit data as frequently as every 3 seconds continuously! Data from the SilverCloud can be viewed online over the satellite mapping program Google Earth, or in a number of different daily activity and summary reports that will break down driving activity according to the user’s preference. All data can be viewed remotely from a personal computer, or via smart phone! All that is needed to access tracking data is the unique user identification code and password that is created by the user at the time of activation.

For complete product details of the SilverCloud or to view a live interactive demo of the device, please contact a Tracking System Direct representative at 951-704-9503. GPS experts are available 7 days a week to help people with their GPS monitoring needs!