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Live GPS Tracker

Real Time GPS Tracker Long Battery Life

Real time GPS tracking has never been more user-friendly, cost-effective or simplistic. The compact design of the SilverCloud Overdrive makes it ideal for both those who want to permanently install the tracking device, and those who intend on using the GPS tracker as a portable solution. With multiple alert features, detailed driving text reports and flexibility in accessing live tracking data (GPS data can be viewed via personal computer and/or cell phone) it is easy to see why the SilverCloud is the monitoring solution of choice among businesses, law enforcementagencies and families. But why take our word for it? Please feel free to take a tour of our FREE ONLINE DEMO, and contact a GPS expert at Tracking System Direct to receive a complete and thorough breakdown of how the SilverCloud works and why this next generation of GPS tracker is designed for you.

Best Real Time GPS Tracker

Small GPS tracker long battery life

What makes the SilverCloud Overdrive tracking device different from any other GPS tracking system solution in the world is that this GPS tracker was engineered for everyone from parents who want to monitor driving habits of an elderly family member or teen, businesses looking to enhance fleet management strategies and law enforcement agencies looking to improve surveillance. But the most popular feature of SilverCloud Overdrive is that this real time GPS tracker is recognized as the longest battery life GPS tracker on the market! Providing nearly 80 hours of continuous tracking time and a motion sensor that places the live GPS tracker into a sleep mode when a vehicle is not moving, it is easy to why this battery powered GPS tracker is the preferred tracking system among police agencies.

The SilverCloud Overdrive GPS also has a variety of data plans for people to chose from so they can get all of the vehicle tracking data they want without spending more than they need too.

Longest Battery Life GPS Tracker

SilverCloud Overdrive Data Plan Options

GPS Tracker Data Plans

UNLIMITED Five (5) Minute Continuous Updates. One position is sent every 5 minutes when the device is in motion. Monthly charge for the 5 minute plan is $19.95 per month and there are NO CONTRACTS! (The ideal plan for teen tracking, elderly tracking, auto-theft recovery and consumer-based monitoring applications)

UNLIMITED One (1) Minute Continuous Updates. With this data plan users will receive continuous updates every single minute while a vehicle is in motion. The monthly service rate for this plan is $24.95 per month per unit.

UNLIMITED Ten (10) Second Continuous Updates when in motion. $39.95 per month and there are NO CONTRACTS (Perfect for small/large businesses interested in improving fuel economy and employee productivity while reducing excessive fuel idling)

UNLIMITED Five (5) Second Continuous Updates when in motion plan is also available for $44.95 (The plan most suited for fleet management applications).

UNLIMITED Three (3) Second Continuous Updates when the automobile is in motion. The rate for this monthly service plan is $49.95 per unit. This is the ultimate real-time tracking plan designed specifically for power-users who never want to miss a moment’s worth of data! No other GPS tracking company can even come close to offering a plan that updates with such a high frequency rate!

SilverCloud Overdrive GPS Tracking System Features

  • Real time accurate positioning overlaid onto high resolution satellite images with Google Earth®.
  • Driving and Stop Reports
  • Approximately 80 Hours Of Vehicle Tracking 
  • 3D Live and Historical Playbacks
  • Motion sensor to conserve battery life
  • SilverCloud GPS will go into sleep mode to retain and extend battery-life after two minutes of inactivity
  • Alternative power options: Extended Battery, or Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Operational in more than 80 countries
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Virtual fence, speed and battery power alerts via SMS text message or email
  • Fast, accurate Swiss-engineered modem with SuperSense® (SuperSense® receiver delivers strong GPS acquisition in challenging areas where signals are weak)
  • Unlimited historical data storage on a secure server
  • Live technical support Monday through Friday 24 hours a day

Product Includes:

  • SilverCloud Overdrive Real-Time Tracker
  • SilverCloud GPS Tracking User’s Manual & Instruction Booklet
  • Wall Charger