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SilverCloud GPS Replacement Parts

The SilverCloud is one of the most sophisticated real-time tracking solutions on the market, but because the live GPS tracker receives and transmits data so frequently, the unit only has internal battery-life of 15-17 hours of wheels-in-motion drive time. With the standard domestic drive time being 1-2 hours per day for most motorists, the SilverCloud tracker will typically provide approximately a weeks worth of vehicle tracking data. However, this is not the case for power users working in fleet management who have vehicles operating in the field from anywhere between 8-12 hours per day! For this particular category of GPS tracking system user, portability and a weak battery-life are not options. Power users require permanently installed GPS tracking systems so battery-life will never be a concern, and that is what the SilverCloud Hard-Wire Kit provides.

The SilverCloud Hard-Wire Kit will provide the bridge between the SilverCloud tracking system and a vehicle’s electrical system, allowing the GPS tracker to pull energy directly from the car battery. The end result is the live tracking system can record continuously without the user ever needing to recharge the battery!

Why The SilverCloud GPS Hard-Wire Kit Is For You

People who do not require a portable solution, and have a need for extended battery-life typically find the SilverCloud Hard-Wire Kit and permanent installation option as the way to go. Having a hard-wired real-time tracking system allows the user to never think about removing and charging a GPS tracker, making the hard-wire option kit the ideal solution for companies with a fleet of vehicles, school bus companies and transportation businesses. Instead, they can simply focus on viewing and analyzing the GPS tracking data transmitted from the real-time car tracking solution!

The SilverCloud GPS Hard-Wire Kit can also be used with the Victoria tracking system.

Product Includes:

  • SilverCloud Hard-Wire Kit