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Calculating Routes With Simplicity

SilverCloud-4One of the more popular questions among people inquiring about live tracking systems is whether or not a device is available that has some form of both tracking and routing/navigation capabilities. Although it would seem like such a hybrid solution would already be readily available for public consumption, very few live tracking units have the unique ability to also offer routing and navigation features. After analyzing customer feedback over the past year to weigh the demand customers had for a feature that could offer a routing option, Tracking System Direct (TSD) teamed up with Chicago-based LandAirSea Systems (LAS) to introduce a routing utility feature that is now available on the SilverCloud web interface.

Routing Utility Feature

From the perspective of fleet management, routing would be defined as a combinatorial problem combined with integer programming problems that results in a set number of company vehicles being required to effectively and efficiently service a number of customers. Basically, there are only so many company vehicles and employees operating those vehicles, therefore it is essential to reduce unnecessary trips while improving route selection. When fleet managers have the ability to manage employee routes more meticulously, they can boost customer service, reduce fuel consumption and better account for employee activity. In an effort to meet all of the vehicle tracking and management needs of businesses and consumers, TSD and LAS worked to create a new feature that is now offered at no additional cost called the “routing utility” feature that adds an element of navigation to the GPS tracking experience.

Accessing the new routing utility feature is actually quite simple. First of all, the SilverCloud GPS tracker user will need to login to the web-based application either via computer, smart phone or public tracking interface (PTI). Once the unique username and password are used to gain access to personal tracking system data, the user will then click on the control panel on the left hand side of the screen. From there, a menu window will pop-up that will show the routing utility feature to select.

Using The SilverCloud Routing Utility Feature

Utilizing the routing utility feature is a simple process that only requires the user to:

1. Specify whether the origin of the route will begin from a specific address, or where another vehicle is currently located

2. Select whether the programmed destination will be toward a specific address, or where another vehicle is located (User can select an option to “Find The Nearest Vehicle”)

3. User then selects whether or not they want to avoid toll roads, and then presses the “Calculate Route” button

4. The user can easily clear the routing results provided from the routing utility feature by pressing the “Clear Results” button if they want to create additional routes for other vehicles being managed

After the user selects “Calculate Route”, they can enter a phone number or email address and the routing utility feature will send the directions to that person.

With an assortment of cool features such as speed alerts, geo-fence alerts and now routing utilities, the SilverCloud is once again showing why it is the GPS tracker of choice among companies interested in increasing profit and overall operation efficiency.

Anyone interested in learning more about the SilverCloud can contact TSD to speak with a GPS expert about the unique real-time monitoring solution. An online interactive demo is also available at the TSD corporate website that will provide users a hands-on approach to system operation.