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SilverCloud Personal GPS

Portable GPS Tracking Device

SilverCloud Tag Personal GPS is a real-time monitoring solution designed to enhance child safety, help businesses track a vehicle and give parents a tool to better observe teen driving activity. What makes this personal tracker unique compared to other live tracking systems on the market is the size of the tracker. Coming in at a very compact 2.5 L X 1.438 W X 1 H and weighing literally less than an ounce, SilverCloud Tag Personal GPS is the smallest live tracking device on the market! SilverCloud Tag Personal GPS can be placed in a child’s backpack or in a pocket to help give parents 24/7 access to the location of their most precious asset, while also giving businesses the ability to track company vehicles remotely and in real-time. The GPS tracking data from SilverCloud Tag Personal GPS is stored online where parents or business owners can access it from their smart phones, tablets or computers any where in the world. The historical data is also stored for life, giving users the ability to see where a vehicle was located at any given time in the past.

SilverCloud Tag Features 

  • Covert Size 2.7 x 1.5 x 0.93
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking Updates
  • Create Safe Zones/Speed Alerts For Teen Drivers
  • Free Mobile Phone App For iPhone/iPad
  • Detailed Reports For Driving
  • Pocket-Sized GPS Perfect For Kids


SilverCloud Tag Personal GPS Features & Specifications

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Vehicle Speed Alerts
  • Create Safe Zones & Receive Alerts
  • Detailed Driving Reports
  • Mobile Phone Access
  • Unlimited Access To Historical GPS Tracking Data
  • 2 Weeks Battery-Life With 1-2 Hours Daily Driving
  • Compact Size For Easy Portability
  • Affordable Data Plans Starting At $29.95 Per Month
  • No Contracts Or Termination Fees


SilverCloud Tag Mini GPS Tracker Device

Real-time GPS tracking technology can provide parents a way to boost family safety and businesses a method to observe employee efficiency. SilverCloud Tag Personal GPS is special in that it can give parents a way to observe children as they walk to and from school, concerned fathers or mothers a tool to check teen driving behaviors and businesses the oversight to determine if employees are doing what they are supposed to be doing. By enhancing safety, vehicle management and employee efficiency, SilverCloud Tag Personal GPS is the perfect monitoring solution for small businesses and parents.

Product Includes:

  • SilverCloud Tag Personal GPS
  • Screw Driver for Sim Card Cover
  • 5V AC Adapter For Charging GPS