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2D3DviewMurrieta, CA – March 28, 2011 – Tracking System Direct, a leading provider of GPS tracking and GPS fleet management solutions, is proud to announce the launch of a new real-time vehicle monitoring solution that requires NO MONTHLY SERVICE FEES! The new car tracking unit is called SilverCloud, and it is now available to businesses, consumers and police agencies.

About SilverCloud GPS Systems

SilverCloud GPS systems revolutionize the way people monitor mobile assets by providing multiple alert features, web-based real-time tracking data and unlimited location updates. The user-friendly web-interface makes it easy for users to view the location of any vehicle, access historical driving activity and receive notification if a driver is speeding. SilverCloud GPS systems also have the ability to transmit UNLIMITED continuous location-based data every three (3) seconds, five (5) seconds, ten (10) seconds, one (1) minute and five (5) minutes, depending on the user’s preference.

“We are excited to introduce a real-time tracking solution that is sophisticated enough to meet the fleet management needs of large businesses, durable enough to assist law enforcement agencies with surveillance and simple enough to meet the needs of consumer tracking applications”, explained a GPS expert at Tracking System Direct.

Although activation fees and monthly service obligations are an industry standard for live GPS tracking systems, Tracking System Direct has broken the mold with the SilverCloud by offering UNLIMITED continuous updates every five (5) minutes with no monthly service fees or activation charges! The SilverCloud free tracking service is a promotional limited-time offer that will only apply to the very first five hundred (500) systems sold.

SilverCloud GPS trackers are designed for a variety of applications ranging from teen tracking/driver safety, auto-theft recovery, elderly GPS tracking, fuel consumption reduction, personal tracking, business tracking surveillance, mileage documentation and more.

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About Tracking System Direct:

Tracking System Direct (TSD), a leading distributor of vehicle management technologies, is headquartered in sunny Southern California with a satellite office in the Houston area. TSD puts every GPS tracking system, security product and surveillance unit through a rigorous testing and verification process before offering the technology to consumers, businesses and law enforcement agencies. Designed to enhance efficiency, safety and family security, TSD products are built for durability and are all accompanied with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Their clients include multiple Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, Fortune 500 companies, privately owned businesses and consumers from countries all across the globe.


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