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image25One of the most important things for businesses looking to improve fleet management strategies and consumers wanting to enhance personal safety of a teen or elderly driver is the ability to access and view multiple detailed driving reports. That is what makes the SilverCloud tracking unit so unique compared to the other real-time systems on the market.

SilverCloud is the next generation of live monitoring technology, but what has impressed users and gadget reviewers the most since the live GPS tracking solution hit the market is the device’s ability to create some of the most sophisticated and detailed reports regarding driving activity. With five (5) different reporting options for vehicle tracking users to choose from, SilverCloud makes it easy to know everything a driver has been doing. The various reporting features include:

Activity Summary Reports: The Activity Summary Report is one of the most commonly used reporting features because it offers a quick summary of stops a driver made, total daily mileage driven and travel time during the selected period of time. This simple to use report also formats data in a spreadsheet and/or graph mode that makes it easy for users to analyze daily driving activity.

Excessive Speed Reports: When SilverCloud real time GPS tracking users set speed alerts on the vehicle they are monitoring this reporting feature will allow users to create documentation of every instance the target vehicle exceeded the pre-set maximum acceptable speed for a selected period of time. This feature is great for businesses or parents who want to keep a working log of every instance a company driver or teen driver was excessively speeding.

History By Device Reports: A sophisticated reporting feature that breaks down driving activity in a graphical spreadsheet format that makes it easy to know the exact speed a driver was driving at any single point in time.

Stops & Mileage Reports: One of the most popular forms of reviewing GPS tracking data, the Stops & Mileage Report provides users the ability to quickly see what address a driver stopped at, how long they were at the location for and the mileage in between stops. The addresses arrived/stopped are even designed as hyperlinks so users can view the location in Google Maps! This reporting format is a hit with people using SilverCloud for personal tracking or spouse tracking applications.

Alarms By Device Reports: The Alarms By Device Reports allows SilverCloud users to quickly access a report of every time a driver entered/exited a pre-set virtual boundary (Geo-fence -see Glossary) or triggered a speed alert for any selected period of time.

All activity reports can be viewed in HTML or PDF format.

Anyone looking to get more information on SilverCloud GPS tracking systems can contact Tracking System Direct anytime to learn more.